So who is this ‘krasey’ person, anyway? In order to give you a broad understanding of who I am, what this site is about, and what I do- I have created a bit of a q & a between me, myself, and I.

Where did the name of the site come from?

A lot of you might know me from Specktra or Livejournal as Krasevaya Dancer. Some of you may already know me from Instagram or the Twitter as KraseyFitBeauty. Krasevaya is the Russian word for beautiful, and dancer comes from the fact that I was a competitive dancer for 14 years. Now for the blog, I wanted to stay true to my roots without getting too fancy on the verbage so I went with Krasey Beauty. Krasey is a derivative of the word krasevaya, and is meant to sound like the word crazy, as in I am kinda crazy about beauty. Fun, right?

Who is Krasey, anyway?

My name is Adina Puleo, and I am just your average 30-something born and raised in NYC. I currently work in finance, and spend my free time going between my two passions- fitness and beauty. I am an avid lover of fitness, beauty, fashion, and clean eating, and can be found daydreaming on any and all topics related to the aforementioned subjects all the live-long day. I lead a double life, am a lover, not a fighter, and  am both serious and silly when it counts. In my twenty eight years, I have dabbled in everything from styling, to modeling, to competing and beyond. I love to try new things, as you will soon come to see.


What can we expect from the blog?

While the blog’s primary focus is anything and everything related to fitness and beauty, I will also touch upon topics that include clean eating, supplementation, technology, fashion, health, and lifestyle. Pretty diverse- eh? From new products that I’ve tried and loved, to new brands that I’ve discovered, trend reporting to reviews- I will write about it all! Being in NYC, I literally have access to anything and everything, and I plan to bring you the scoop with a pretty pink bow on top. Expect lots of pictures, lot of insight, and lots of ramblings from yours truly.

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How did you get into beauty?

My background in performing definitely sparked my interest from an early age. Having to get fully made up for shows and competitions, I really began to explore the world of makeup and beauty and how my face’s appearance can make me shine on stage. Throughout my teen years, I found myself being influenced by my sister, learning from them what works and what doesn’t. Later on, I started delving into the higher end. My first purchases were from Urban Decay, MAC, and Lancôme, just to name a few. Sephora became my mecca, and it got to the point where I would spend hours researching new products and experimenting with different looks, just for the fun of it.

Fast forward to present day. I am an active member of several beauty forums, and am subscribed to several beauty blogs myself. I always like to say that I was a reader long before I was a writer; so I was able to take elements I liked from each site, mold them, and make them my own. I have experience as a freelance artist, a stylist, and an amateur model. While this beauty blog is my hobby, I take what I do very seriously.

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How did Fitness Enter the Equation?

In the summer of 2011 I found myself being sick and tired of always finding excuses not to get healthier. I was the heaviest I had ever been, and just generally uncomfortable in my own skin. One day, I decided that enough was enough and I sucked it up and joined a gym. I started a cario-only routine daily fitness regimen that soon evolved into a weight lifting and hiit-interval fitness regimen. I feel in love with Spin, clean eating, and lifting as heavy as possible. As I became more and more obsessed, and as I did more research- my goals shifted as did my priorities. One year later, I found myself 10 pounds lighter, and absolutely obsessed with all things fitness. Enter my need to ramp things up and take it all to the next level.


When fall 2012 rolled around, I made the decision to join a competitive bodybuilding team. Since then, I have dropped another 20 lbs, lost inches and bodyfat, competed in four shows (I am now nationally qualified!!), and gained a whole new appreciation of the lifestyle I sort of fell into. Goals for next year include building more muscle, and earning my pro card in the IFBB league. I’ve learned about proper dieting, training, and supplementation, and plan to share all of that with all of you. I am an athlete for Nuttzo- (the best nut butter around!) and an ambassador for ProSupps!


Why start this blog?

Because I can? In all seriousness, I always find myself browsing so many wonderful blogs, and I try to make mine stand out in any way that I can. I am just hoping to make my voice heard and to contribute all my knowledge and wisdom with you out there in cyberspace. I know that not everyone has the access I do, and I am hoping to reach out and bring it all to you.

Krasey Beauty