Fit Foods – The Snacking Edition with Lorissa’s Kitchen, The Coconut Collaborative, and Wonderful Pistachios

Being a serial snacker, I’m always looking for figure-friendly, quick-bite options. Here’s what I’m digging lately! 

Lorissa’s Kitchen Jerky

A solid snacking option, jerky offers up quality protein, in a tasty little package. Lorissa’s Kitchen is a brand recently discovered, offering up a plethora of delicious (and I mean DELICIOUS) options for the elevated palate. All of their jerky options are not only gluten free, and sans preservatives – but their proteins are hormone free. Definitely a brand you can feel good about eating. 

Coconut Collaborative Paradise Pots and Yogurts

A brand that actually originated in the UK, The Coconut Collaborative has brought their rich, nutritious, and tasty dairy-free options here to the US. The brand offers up coconut-milk yogurt, and something they call Paradise Pots, which are coconut-cream based custards. While the offerings are higher on the fat than a standard yogurt, it’s good fat, which makes these products not only nutritionally sound, but extra-rich and creamy. Each little dessert pot is heavy on the flavor, and satisfies any sweet tooth.  

Wonderful Pistachios

Sometimes I feel like a nut! Actually, I always feel a little nuts (See what I did there?!), and  lately I’m really loving pistachios. Not only are they full of nutrients and good-for-you fats,  but the extra work required to peel them means my serving goes a long way. I didn’t expect to fall in love with their flavored options, but the Salt & Pepper flavor is AMAZEBALLS, and I find myself reaching for those the most often. YUM. 

What healthy snacks are you loving lately?! 

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