On Fitspo Support – Fitness-Related Products I’m Loving Lately

If you ask me, fitness is more than just getting up and going to the gym, regularly. Fitness is all about what you do before and after the gym, too. When it comes to maintaining this on-the-go, fit-centric lifestyle, I’m a firm believer in proper prep and unwinding. Here are just a few of my fitness-centric favorites, for the before and after the gym time.  

Monster Firecracker

No matter my mood, activity, or frame of mind, music has and will always be the balm that soothes my soul. With the weather being absolute CRAP of late (snow in April – WHATEVER!!), I’ve relied on my tunes (Greatest Showman soundtrack, anyone?!) to get me up and out of my funk, more than ever. Enter Monster’s Firecracker wireless Bluetooth speaker, which plays my jams wherever I am. Even better, its rugged exterior makes this all the more portable, and the attached flashlight always lights my way, when I need it.  

Polar OH1 Heart Rate Sensor

I’ve been a Polar ambassador for what feels like forever (5 years!), using their products during my workouts for even longer than that. While the new wrist-based HRMs bring me nothing but joy, I sometimes find myself looking for something a bit more precise. But alas, how the old chest straps chafed my ample…chest. Enter the OH1, which offers precise wireless metrics in an HR sensor that I can wear on my arm during workouts. In the OH1 there is no bulk, no chafing, and no distractions. Fully integrated with the Polar Flow app, I get everything I could ever want or need in a Heart Rate sensor. Oh, and I feel like a badass when I wear it, so there’s that. 😉

Young Living Aromatherapy

When it comes to both the prep and recovery processes, the science of scents and aromatherapy have been used since the beginning of time. Lately, I’ve really been loving my Young Living diffuser, which I use with grapefruit essential oil pre-workout, to rev me up before I head out the door. I also use lavender oil, post workout, to relax me after a particularly grueling nighttime workout.  Also pretty handy, Young Living also offers essential oil roll-ons, with the stress away being a great option to erase the stress I put on both body and mind, no matter the day. 

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