A Krasey Little Announcement – I’m NASM Certified!

Those of you who regularly tune in to my little corner of the interwebs (thank you, by the way!) may have noticed a decrease in the frequency of my posts – sorry about that! KraseyFitBeauty has and will always be a pet project of mine – but unfortunately, the blog sometimes has to take a backseat to the other things going on in my life. 

KraseyBeauty was born as a beauty blog, 8 years ago (time FLIES!) – and primarily focused on product reviews, cosmetic swatches, and makeup “looks of the day”. As I have evolved over time, so too has this blog – to now cover my growing passion for the fitness industry and the sport of bodybuilding. KraseyBeauty became KraseyFitBeauty, and here we are, today! 

The reason for this post is to introduce a bit of news on the personal side, to further explain the reasons for my absence of late. Besides engaging in my own competitive bodybuilding endeavors, working my full-time job in finance land, and writing articles for another supplement company, I studied for and passed the exam for my NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Training Certification! What time means for my personal life is that I will essentially be busier than ever, launching my own personal training business. What that means for all of you is that you now have access to an expert in the field, and you shouldn’t be surprised if you see more informative fitness-centric posts, in addition to the usual topics covered here on KFB.

Interested in my personal training services?! I offer both online and in-person (NYC and LI area, mostly) training, and am equipped to offer nutritional advice, as well. Just shoot me a note KraseyFit@gmail.com

And there you have it – the fun never stops when you’re krasey, like me. 😉 

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