What Can I Do with a Health Administration Degree?

If you are looking at getting a degree in health administration but you’d like to find out more about what it entails, if you’d be eligible, and the career paths that the degree can lead to, then you’ve come to the right place. A degree in Health Administration prepares you to handle the business side of health, rather than the medical side. You may be involved with things such as human resources, or facilities management.  Below are some of the options that will be available to you.

Health Care Administrator

This is one of the more well-known jobs when completing a health administration degree, and involves ensuring the smooth run of a medical facility. You may choose a career in a hospital, a doctor’s surgery or a care home to name a few. Working as a health care administrator involves attending high-level meetings, feeding back appropriate information about your facility and helping to improve the efficiency and financial effectiveness of your facility. You may also help with staff schedules, salaries and patient billing.

Human Resources

Another option may be working in human resources within a health care company, looking after staff and ensuring they are happy to allow the facility to run at its best capacity. You may even wish to branch out into a school, university or government office if you prefer. Human resources can recruit and hire staff, manage compensation and employee benefits and may also help provide job training. 

Health and Injury Insurance

With a degree in health administration, you may work with insurance companies in dealing with health and injury related accidents. An online masters in health administration can give you the business and medical knowledge to be able to deal with health and injury compensation, allowing those who have been injured to get the justice they deserve. You may conduct risk analysis in workplaces and public areas, handle claims or become an underwriter.

Other Job Opportunities

With a health administration degree, there are many career options, some you may not have considered. Sales positions are available in medical settings, interacting with the public or healthcare facilities and helping to sell medical equipment and devices. You may choose a career in public relations, education, administration or management in mental health services, family and child welfare offices and probation offices. There are many amazing careers in which you can choose where you can help those in need with your skills in medical and business management. You may study the degree online, meaning you can work around your busy life and complete sections as and when you can grab your laptop and have some peace from the children, or your partner.

A degree in health administration puts you in a great position to enhance your learning and get into a rapidly growing career field, where the possibilities in career choice are huge. The degree is also a great way to advance in your chosen career, moving up the ranks and earning a better salary. With the option to graduate in as little as two years, what are you waiting for?

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