Delicious Distractions – #PringlesStack Comes to NYC

Show of hands, who here is a Pringles fiend?! I know I am! As a certified snackaholic, often are the times I find myself stocking up on the tubular potato crisps, only to watch them disappear all too quickly. They are a snack I grew up loving, and still love and enjoy to this day.

Imagine then my excitement at learning that the iconic brand was opening a #StackShack pop-up, right in the heart of New York City. You know I had to check it out, as soon as it opened.

With #PringlesStack, Pringles is encouraging fans to get creative, crafting their own triple-chip stack flavor recipes with 25 different Pringles flavors as inspiration. For those unsure of which combos to go with, Pringles has enlisted the help of famous food personality Adam Richman, to come up with custom-crafted “recipes” that visitors can sample at the Stack Shack. Combos like the “Party Dip Stack” (French Onion Dip, Original, Sour Cream & Onion), the “Spaghetti and Red Sauce Stack” (Pizza, LOUD Super Cheesy Italian, LOUD Mighty Margherita Pizza) and the “Wing Night Stack” (Buffalo Ranch, BBQ, Ranch) are just some of the combinations to try. 

Upon entering, you are given a little white tray, a golf pencil, and a form to fill out with flavor combinations you try along the way. You then walk around the space, placing your tray in the window of the giant can representing each flavor that you want to try. Almost immediately, a gloved hand delivers the chip of your choosing You can create as many different recipes as you want, or just try each chip individually – sky’s the limit! Also readily available are Adam’s flavor stacks, which you can also try at will.

Once you’ve decided which stack you want to take home, simply walk to the back and use the interactive touch screens to custom craft and name your creation. Once ready, you get to leave with your very own named stack, which is pretty tasty, indeed.

The Pringles Stack Shack is open today and tomorrow (November 19th and 20th), from 11 AM – 7 PM, and is located at 1450 North Broadway, in New York City. Hurry over. but expect a line, as they won’t be here for long! 

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