Why An Online Nursing Degree Is Perfect For New Moms

It used to be generally assumed that becoming a mother meant a woman giving up any ambitions of having a career. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. One of the reasons online universities, as well as online courses offered by conventional universities, have become so popular is because their flexible timetables make it feasible for new mothers, single parents, and working people alike to study for a degree and pursue the career of their dreams. Nursing is a particularly excellent career path for women, as it remains one of the few female-dominated professions, as well as one that offers women the best prospects when it comes to career progression.

Whether you are looking for something completely new in your life or you are an existing registered nurse looking to move up to the next level, online nursing degrees allow new mothers to plan for their own future while they secure that of their child’s. Below, we take a look at some of the top reasons that new mothers should consider studying for an online nursing degree.

Career Progression

This is one of the biggest selling points of a nursing degree: it is a career where progression is all but guaranteed. The first stage will be to qualify as a registered nurse. This is the most basic level of nursing qualification available and registered nurses will be involved in assisting the other nurses and performing some of the more basic tasks required for patient care. After this comes the associate degree in nursing, the ADN as it is known, which offers nurses their first taste at a more senior role. Nurses with an AND can supervise junior nurses, as well as taking on more responsibilities themselves.

The bachelor of science in nursing is the next step. It takes four years and requires students to complete a clinical residency with an accredited hospital. Some nurses power straight through their BSN and head straight to the next level: the nurse practitioner doctor degree. By choosing to complete their BSN to DNP online, nurses can study while continuing to work.

Improving Other People’s Lives

This is one of the reasons most often cited by existing nurses as to why they got into the field, to begin with. Nursing offers a unique opportunity to make a real difference to people’s lives and, while it is undoubtedly hard work, it is also incredibly rewarding.

You’ll Learn a Wide Range Of Skills

Many of the skills you learn as a nurse will also apply to raising your own children, but the skills you learn don’t stop at healthcare. While you will obviously learn a lot of specialist skills when it comes to delivering healthcare, you will also learn to manage both your time and those of others around you, as well as how to function as part of a larger team.

Online nursing degrees have made nursing a viable career choice for more people than ever before and new mothers are one of the groups who can stand to benefit the most from the flexible timetable and reduced costs that online degrees offer.

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