How to Score a Bloomingdale’s Discount Code

Oh, the glorious world of online shopping. In this modern age of accessibility and convenience, there is no greater thrill than scoring what you want, when you want it. For the frugal shopper like me, scoring a deal is icing on the cake, though those deals aren’t always easy to come by. In this post, I’ll hone in on one of my favorite shows, Bloomingdales – and show you how to score some sweet savings by finding Bloomingdales promo codes.

Since it’s easier to show than to tell, let me walk you through my process and train of thought on snagging a promo code when I need one.

So, there’s this gorgeous little Ted Baker dress, that I simply must have for my office holiday party. So I find my size, and add it to my “brown bag”. In accessing my cart, I can see price, shipping, and tax – though what I’m most interested in is that lovely little “Enter Your Promo Code” box. But how do I find a code when Bloomingdales codes are hard to come by? Let’s discuss!

Become a Loyallist, and Sign Up for The Newsletter

Most major retailers not only have rewards for signing up for their newsletter, but will also offer up some sort of program that rewards you for shopping. Loyalists earn 1 point for every dollar they spend, and earn double points in some categories. 5000 points earns you a $25 rewards card.

Loyalists also get to take part in special sale events, and right now, you can get a $25 reward card for every $125 you spend. SWEET.

If you’re as impatient as I am, and want to snag an immediate 10% off, sign up for the Bloomingdale’s newsletter. Almost immediately, you’ll get a code in your inbox. To sign up, simply scroll down to the bottom of the homepage, and click on the “sign up for our emails” link.

You’ll get instant gratification with a 10% off code – woooo!

So, now I’ve snagged 10% off that adorable Ted Baker dress that I HAD TO HAVE. What do I do when I find another awesome dress, two weeks after I’ve already used my coupon code?

To Google, Batman! Time to Search Coupon Sites for Codes.

So I’m browsing the interwebs, and type in “Bloomingdales Coupon Codes”. Obviously, the result is hundreds of pages of codes, with some that work and, more often, lots that don’t. Here’s where I filter out the “junk” by referencing legit sites that I’ve come across in my online shopping trials. My top 3 are Dealspotr, RetailmeNot, and Slickdeals. I open up all three pages, and type in “Bloomingdale’s”. Easy enough, right?

So, here is what we get with RetailMeNot.

Scrolling through, I see that I can snag 10% with Mobile Sign Up. I click the link, but it only brings me back to the Bloomingdale’s homepage. I continue looking, but don’t really find any codes applicable to what I need – a single-use code for that second dress. Most links on RetailMeNot are just bringing me back to the Bloomingdale’s homepage. Chalk RMN up as a dud, this time around.

Next, I go to Slickdeals, but the process of finding a code can be a bit harrowing. The initial search of Bloomingdale’s proves fruitless, so I then taken to the forum, but can’t find anything useful there, either.

So, frustrated and disappointed, I head to my last stop on the online coupon gains train – Dealspotr. I type in Bloomingdales, and scroll down to filter coupons by code. Hmmm, now I might be getting somewhere.

When I click on the site-wide codes option, Dealspotr gives me both codes, and the likelihood of these codes working.

Each deal will have a “likelihood of working” rating – based on users validating that the code worked for them – as well as detailed information on how to use the code. Unfortunately, none of these codes are going to help with the one item I want to purchase. DARN. At least I know that I could have saved time in my searching by just going to Dealspotr, seeing what’s available, easily, and putting what I found to the test. I make a mental note to check back with Dealspotr in a week, just to see if there is anything new and exciting that I can actually use.  

Go The Social Media Route

These days, almost every brand has a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account. In fact, you can access all of Bloomingdale’s social media accounts directly via links on their homepage.

Oftentimes, brands may post links to special sales and promotions going on at the time, with followers essentially getting first dibs.

Bookmark This!

With these tips and tricks in mind, shopping at Bloomingdale’s online and snagging a deal should hopefully be an easier endeavor.

In your coupon and promo code searches, be sure to bookmark Dealspotr. With 5 million coupons and advanced code-finding tools, Dealspotr has pretty much become my go-to for all things coupon codes.

If you sign up as a member, and use my promo code “KRASEYFITBEAUTY”,  you not only get bonus points, but you can also subscribe to specific stores for live deal updates. Sharing deals will ultimately earn you points, too!           

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