4 Places to Work as a Counselor Abroad

Are you thinking about becoming a professional counselor so that you can begin an exciting career that will be fulfilling and will give you the opportunity to help a variety of people? Well, first off, you should consider getting the highest level of education in the field possible. Many of the best counselors, for example, choose to get their careers off the ground by enrolling in one of the many counseling programs online, but you can go a step further and get your masters in counseling online as well. Then, with the right education, you’ll be able to move just about anywhere to start your career, such as the five countries below where counselors are in high demand.


Millions of people in China suffer from a variety of mental disorders, and mental illness is considered a serious disease there, so the citizens require qualified counselors who can help them get better. Working in Asia is an exciting opportunity to not only grow your career but also experience a truly unique culture with a rich history. You can choose to work with children and teens within the educational system, or you could get a job working within businesses in the public and private sectors. Another option, of course, would be to work in a hospital setting. So, you have quite a few options to choose from.


If you have ever thought about moving to Mexico and working as a counselor, you are already on the right track. Poor families throughout the country tend to suffer from anxiety and depression and they are in desperate need of professionals who can lend a helping hand. Other mental disorders, such as dementia and schizophrenia, also need to be addressed, and the more counselors that are available, the more people will be helped before it is too late.


India is a popular tourist destination, rich with history and a truly unique culture. It is no wonder that so many people go there throughout the year to experience it at least once. But many individuals who go to India choose to settle down there, even if only for a few years. As a counselor, you will be able to help people while living in this country and exploring it. Professional counselors are especially needed there because of social and economic changes that have taken place with the rise of urbanization and industrialization in recent years. Indians are experiencing new stressors in their daily lives and working as a counselor will give you the chance to help them.

The Philippines

Considered a developing country within Asia, the Philippines also attracts tourists from around the globe. But those who wish to settle there and offer counseling services are truly invaluable. You will be able to help people of all ages as they struggle with the changes that their country is going through, and you can ensure that their needs are met so that they can lead balanced and satisfied lives.

These are just four of the many places all over the world where you can lead a successful career as a counselor, helping others while being able to travel and explore new places.

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