Fast Fixes – My Current Beauty Obsessions

When it comes to beauty solutions, two things I lack are time and patience – I’m a fix-it-and-go kind of gal. That being said, here are my latest fast fixes and d.i.y in mind beauty products, designed to offer up fast fixes, for the beauty inclined.

NEWA™ Skin Care System

It’s tough for me to admit, but at 32 – I am starting to notice little lines on my face where I don’t want them. Enter the NEWA Skin Care System – a radio-frequency energy-based skin care device (the first to be cleared by the FDA for at-home use!) for mild to moderate wrinkle reduction. NEWA works by delivering focused, controlled energy deep into the skin, ultimately stimulating the body’s production of new collagen and elastin. The video below outlines how it works:

Treatments take as little as 8 minutes, and results can be seen after a single treatment. For me, I noticed a significant improvement in the wrinkles between my brows and around my mouth in a total of three treatments. Not bad for a fast fix, at all! NEWA is available at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and It retails for $450, which is definitely less than regular visits to the dermatologist.

Skinny Tan

If there’s one thing that’s obvious, pale is my status quo, and it isn’t always the most flattering shade to be. Enter Skinny Tan, which pulls double duty to not only tan my skin naturally, but also minimize the appearance of cellulite. 7 Day Tanner combines a natural tanning active with skin soothing and firming ingredients, helping me out on both the complexion and appearance front. The tan instantly bronzes, and then develops into a natural, medium tan color that lasts about 5-7 days.

Liquid Palisade

When it comes to polishing my own nails – quite frankly, I suck at it. As someone who normally has to take time out to go out and get a professional manicure, Liquid Palisade has been a time-saving lifesaver on the d.i.y front. Liquid Palisade is an easy-peel polish barrier, applied before polish, that prevents you from getting nail polish where you don’t want it. I apply it to my cuticles before polishing, but am learning I can also use it on my nails to create my own nail art, as well. When I’m done polishing, I just peel it off and toss it. Quick fix, indeed! 

Supersmile 6 Minutes to a Whiter Smile


In my quest for pearlier whites, time and time again I’ve found myself reaching for Supersmile. Speaking of fast-fixes, their latest kit puts together five of their best-selling whitening products, designed to significantly whiten teeth in just 30 days.  In this kit you’ll find Professional Activating Rods, Whitening Toothpaste and Accelerator (designed to be used together), Whitening Pre-Rinse, and the SuperSmile Toothbrush.  Calprox® is the genius behind Supersmile’s mainstay toothpaste, and is an ingredient that gently removes the sticky bio-film from teeth to which plaque, stains and bacteria adhere, without the risk of sensitivity. The miniature-sized products are also great to throw into my travel bag.

Tell me which fast fixes you’re loving, lately!

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