A Budget Wedding: Don’t Let The Small Details Put You In Debt

When planning a wedding, it may not be the big features on your checklist such as the venue and dress that put you over your budget. The devil can often be in the details – something as small as flowers may end up costing hundreds more than you expected. Generally these small details can still come at a small price so long as you’re not talked into pricey extras by professionals within the industry. Here are just a few top cost-cutting methods.

Consider a flower feature

Many couples fall trap to purchasing lots of flowers placed throughout the ceremony and reception area. Whilst flowers can bring a sense of life to your wedding, you may be able to save costs and make a bigger impact by investing only in a single flower feature (although you may also want lapel flowers and bouquets). Place this by the entrance or next to the wedding cake where it will get noticed by everyone around. Be aware that florists may tempt you to try and buy the most expensive flower types. Stick instead to cheap but pretty options such as carnations and gerber daisies.

Look for cheap invites

There’s no need to spend lots of money on wedding invitations. You can find affordable wedding invitations online that still look elegant and professional. Also consider whether you really need to send invites to everyone on your guest list – it may be more economical to send them only to your ceremony guests and not all your reception guests.

Sell your wedding decorations

General decorations such as drapes and lighting and tableware can be a nice touch on the day, but they can set you back a lot. Rather than cutting back on these embellishments, simply make it your mission to sell these items afterwards and make back your money. There are plenty of online sites where you can sell wedding paraphernalia.

Don’t hire a photographer for the whole day

A professional photographer can help to capture the magic of your special day in all its glory, giving you good memories to look back upon. However, do you really need them for the whole event? Hiring them purely for the ceremony and a brief photoshoot afterwards could save you a lot of money. You can then encourage others to take photos at the meal and reception (one creative way of doing this could be to put disposable cameras on every table).

Get your DJ cousin to handle the music

Okay, you may not have a cousin that’s a DJ, but you may have a family member or friend that can do it for a discounted price. This applies not just to the music but all aspects of your wedding. You may have a friend that’s a stylist or a cake baker or a photographer that can handle this part of your wedding for cheap. Just make sure that they are as good as they say they are before asking them to fill the role.

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