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So by now, I guess you see what happens when life gets a little bit crazy here in krasey-land – the posting tends to dip. SO sorry about that, dear readers. I’m back now, and ready to share with you all my latest loves!

Jabra Sports Coach Wireless Earbuds

If I’ve said it a hundred times, I haven’t said it enough – music is the fuel to my workout fire. I literally CANNOT work out without my favorite songs streaming to my ear drums. That being said, imagine my horror when my go-to pair of ear buds literally snapped in my she-hulk hands as I went to put them on during a cardio session – the RAGE was real, folks. Enter what has come to be THE BEST ear buds I have ever had the pleasure of working out with – the Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Ear Buds.

Not only are these super comfortable (they fit my tiny ear canal so well) and provide great sound, but they come with an added bonus – an app that provides customized workouts and coaching. Best of all – the app will automatically feed the coaching into the earphones, ensuring your workout is never disrupted. Total hero product for me, for sure! 

Groove Ring Silicone Active Bands

I don’t know about you, but I can’t go one workout without being harassed by some thirsty gym bro. I may be a married woman, but my engagement ring and wedding bands aren’t exactly pumping iron friendly. Enter Groove Rings – a breathable, functional silicone wedding band. Not only does this cute band come in almost every color of the rainbow (the purple matches my gym outfits so well!), but it is super colorful and non-obtrusive. Plus, it gets the point across. Gym bros, beware! 

Polar M600

Yes, I know – I’ve already told you all about the Polar M600 – but it bears repeating – I LOVE this thing! This lightweight sports watch has become a permanent fixture on my arm, whether I am working out or not. I love how accurately it captures all of my metrics, and the constantly-updating interface means there are always new features to love. If you want in on the fitness-tracking fun, be sure to shop Polar, now

Tell me in the comments – which fitness things are you loving lately?!

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