Spotlight on Gadgets for Gorgeous

When it comes to my beauty routine, I’m a gadget kind of girl. If there is a piece of technology out there – no matter how simple or advanced – if it makes my life easier then I am all over it, for reals. In this post, I’ll highlight some new and new-to-me “gadgets” that have been making my beauty life that much better of late. 

Instrumental Beauty Sonic Touch Cleansing System

I don’t know about you, but I am TIRED at the end of my long days. When I get home, there is nothing I want to do more than wash the grime of the day away from my face. Enter Instrumental Beauty’s insanely affordable Sonic Cleansing Device. This device leaves my skin clean and refreshed, no matter what the day throws my way. Not only does my face feel squeaky clean post speedy cleansing, but it’s also ready to receive any and all skincare I throw its way.

Arbonne Genius Ultra

Speaking of skincare, let’s talk about Arbonne’s Genius Ultra. This is a skincare device used to apply your lotions, potions, and serums both smoothly and evenly across the face, neck, and decollete. The Genius Ultra pairs gentle waves with customizable warmth settings, to make the skincare application process both more pleasant and more effective. Pair it with Intensive Renewal Serum and RE9 Advanced Eye Cream, for a real skincare treat!

GrindRelief Mouth Guard

The GrindRelief guard shows that sometimes the simplest devices can have a major impact on how you look and feel. In case you didn’t know, I am a nighttime teeth grinder. Essentially, stress has me grinding my teeth at night, not only resulting in wear and tear on my teeth, but also jaw tightness, headaches, and a reduced quality of beauty rest. GrindRelief is a simple little gadget that you simply place in your mouth at night, eradicating the aforementioned teeth grinding. Pretty nifty, if I do say so myself.

dpl Flex Pad

I know we started this post by talking about your traditional beauty gadgets, but let me take a quick moment to tell you about the life-changing dpl Flex Pad, which isn’t strictly a beauty device – but more specifically – a recovery device for my aching muscles. The dpl Flex Pad assists in injury recovery and pain relief, by utilizing infrared light to stimulate blood circulation, relax muscles, and relieves muscle spasms and pain. Just a few minutes of light therapy after each grueling workout has done wonders for my recovery time.

Which gadgets are you loving lately?

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