Hair Color Overhaul at the Angelo David Salon in NYC

Ladies and gents of the interwebs, I am now less than 2 weeks out from my return to the NPC bodybuilding stage – WOOHOO!

That being said, this is the time where I start switching up my look, because the bodybuilding stage beauty look is completely different than my usual – ya know? While I LOVE my purple hair, it unfortunately won’t work with my orange/red tan, the yellowish stage lights, and my NEW suit (I’m not going to show you that, just yet). Besides, it was starting to veer towards the red side, and I wasn’t a fan of that. Enter the hair color experts at the Angelo David Salon in midtown, NYC.

I arrived at the salon with high hopes – with good reason. Angelo David is known for giving GREAT HAIR, and having been at the salon on more than one occasion myself, I knew they’d work some magic.

Within the hour, my colorist Rita had transformed my faded reddish/purple hair into a rich shade of darkest brown. Rita was a magician with that Redken color and glaze – giving me exactly what I wanted without any muss and fuss. My stylist, Adrianna, then gave me a phenomenal bombshell blowout, worthy of any magazine shoot.

All in all, I always have an amazing experience at the Angelo David Salon. If you are looking for a cut, color, or some kick-butt hair extensions, be sure to visit their website and book an appointment!

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