Long Weekend Getaway – Krasey Beauty Essentials

If there is one thing I love come winter, it’s getting away to warmer climes with Mr Krasey. This past weekend, we did just that by visiting our besties in Atlanta. Here are the new and exciting beauty things that I packed in my suitcase, which ultimately got me through a fun-filled weekend that had me doing everything from working out, to strolling the Belt Line, to wining and dining in a fancy steakhouse.

Dress by Ted Baker, Shoes by Christian Louboutin, in case you’re wondering

  it Cosmetics Confidence in a Compact Full Coverage Solid Super Serum

When it comes to coverage, I am definitely in the less is more camp. I do not want to be bothered with multiple products, just to get my skin looking flawless. On that note, it Cosmetics’ brand new compact full coverage solid serum is one part skincare, one part coverage, and in a word – AMAZING. This one compact was literally all I needed on my face to get me flawless, fast!

Clarins Skin Illusion Blush

Further pursuant to my quest for a more perfect complexion, the new Clarins Skin Illusion blushes not only come in a super cute, super convenient little package, but these also impart upon my complexion the softest, most beautiful of glows! These are a limited edition item, and were released especially for Valentine’s Day.

Urban Decay Nocturnal Vice Lipstick & Vice Liquid Lipstick

Give a girl a good lip product and she will feel like she can conquer the world, right? New to my beloved Urban Decay brand is the Nocturnal collection of lipsticks. Also new is the Vice liquid lipstick line, which offers up a plethora of rich, pigmented, creamy colors. I enjoyed pairing the two products in a number of ways, to create long-lasting lips that thrilled me.

Air Plus Foot Care Products

Beauty does not have to equal pain, boys and girls. Air Plus foot care offers up a selection of products that help ease the pain of wearing uncomfortable shoes. I took the Steppies cushions for a spin in my Louboutins, and LOVED them!

These are the items I packed in my bag this past weekend. Tell me what you love, in the comments!

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