Lady Gaga, The SuperBowl & Why Body Shaming is NOT OKAY

Dear Readers, a serious issue has come to my attention. I’m a day late in talking about this, but I’ve got a cold and have been out of it – so please forgive me. Now, let’s get on with it.

So apparently, the trolls of the internet are coming out in droves and body shaming Lady Gaga for her appearance during her AMAZING Super Bowl Performance this past Sunday. THIS IS NOT OKAY, and I am so bothered by all of this that I have to pull out my proverbial soap box and say a few words.

Lady Gaga is an elite performer, artist, and philanthropist. She has an amazing voice, an electric stage presence – and let’s be real here, she puts on one heck of a show. She’s a veritable powerhouse, and she proves it time and time again.

What she isn’t, however, is a figure whose body is up for discussion and/or criticism. The trolls of the world are coming out to critique her physique, and hone in on a tiny bit of skin on her stomach that is apparently so upsetting, that they have to tear this woman down.

In general – who made it okay to hone in on the flaws of others – and who decides what is a flaw and what isn’t? Why do people think it’s okay to tear others down because we aren’t all perfect beings? Why – in an age where it’s easier to photoshop a picture than it is to buy a cup of good coffee do we all continue to hold those in the public eye (and ourselves) to some idiotic ideal of perfection? It’s all very upsetting to me.

On both my personal and professional pages, I try to promote positivity and self-love, tied in with my personal health and lifestyle choices that promote the pursuit of my best self – and I encourage you all to do the same. It’s about accepting your flaws, and working with them to your advantage.

I am an elite athlete, and even though I hold myself to some very high standards – I publicly acknowledge that I am not perfect. I have abs AND cellulite, muscles AND loose skin. And you know what – that’s okay! Why should anyone not celebrate everything that they are – and revel in the fact that those around them are doing the same? We are all perfectly imperfect beings. Rejoice in that – and stop comparing yourself and others to impossible ideals. Work hard, stay focused, and never ever compare yourself to others. Focus on your own grass, before you start looking at someone else’s.

And please – quit with the body shaming, it isn’t okay. Not now, not ever.

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