New Year – Better You, and Goal-Getting

Welcome to 2017, Dear Readers! Here’s to hoping that this year brings us all that 2016 didn’t. Here we are, at the beginning of a New Year, and I am about to make a very bold statement.

I Do Not Believe In New Year’s Resolutions!

A new calendar year is not for making huge, drastic changes. Instead, it’s a time to re-evaluate things, and to figure out what worked/didn’t work the year prior. Once you’ve done that, you can take small steps towards some bigger changes. Picking a lofty, unattainable goal sets you up for failure – trust me, I know!

That being said, this post is all about the things I’m loving, towards the end of reaching my own small goals for the year. Let’s get started, k?

Goal: Keep up with my gym wardrobe, so I can keep killing it.

For me, the ultimate motivation to kick butt in the gym comes from looking good. Fact: I am 100 times more likely to crush it if I feel cute that day, and feeling cute comes from wearing gym outfits that are a blend of comfort meets style & tech. MPowHer is a new-to-me line that fits the bill, all for a cause. Not only are you getting something fashionable and functional with this gym-wear, but Mpowher Apparel also supports and funds a wide array of non-profits that directly impact women who are aspiring to do more. Every month, 20% of the brand’s proceeds goes towards a non-profit of their choice. Win-win, no? 

Goal: Be more on top of my skincare routine.

Folks, I am a bit ashamed to admit that at 31 years old, I still don’t have this daily skincare routine thing down yet. I sometimes leave the house without SPF, and go to bed without washing my face and applying the necessary lotions and potions to my (slightly) aged skin. Shocking, right?! Well I’m out to change all that, and It Cosmetics Skincare Collection is a line of cosmeceutical-style products that are so fool-proof, that it’s hard NOT to use them. The Bye Bye Lines Serum and Anti-Aging Armour Super Smart Skin-Perfecting Beauty Fluid SPF 50+ are my new favorites, though the entire line is fantastic, for reals. Having these on my vanity are daily reminders to stick with the skincare routine I’ve set for myself.

Goal: Experiment more with daily beauty staples.

When it comes to my daily makeup, I’m a grab and go staples kind-of-girl. Problem is, I tend to stick to certain brands and products, not giving other new potential favorites a chance. The Charlotte Tilbury Grab & Glow kit (no longer available, but other similar iterations can be found on landed on my desk a little while ago, and stepping outside of my usual brand box to try it has fostered an instant love for this line’s interpretation on soft, shimmering beauty. Who knew embracing newness could lead to new favorites, right? By the way, the Legendary Lashes mascara is a must-try!

Goal: Make more of an effort with my hair.

I’ve said it time and time again, I am awful at doing my hair. A haphazard ponytail or bun is my go-to, and that’s not a good thing. Chalk it up to sheer laziness, but I just can’t be bothered 99% of the time – no bueno. Enter The Mane Choice Signature Pro Flatiron – an iron that reaches 450 degrees, offers up wide plates, and has a built-in comb to detangle as it smooths and flattens my unruly mane. With an iron this easy to use, there’s no reason not to do my hair, on the regular. Or at least once a week. 😉

Small changes will lead up to a happier, prettier me in 2017, for sure. What are some of your small changes for 2017? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!

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