Gym Bag Beauty & Fashion Essentials – Current Loves

As a beauty-obsessed fitness fanatic, gym bag beauty is clearly a topic I can’t quite get enough of. Through my daily trials, tribulations, and my general penchant for leaving all things (including leaving the gym to catch my morning train to work) to the last second, I figured I would share with you all some of my absolute favorites of the moment (I’m fickle, okay?) for getting me from a hot, sweaty mess to the bright-faced business professional that my coworkers know and love.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser

Now I know what you’re thinking – wrinkle release as a gym bag staple? You’d say but spandex doesn’t wrinkle, Adina – and I would say you’re right, but my silk dresses, shirts, and pants do! Each and every workout, I pack my clothing for work into an already overstuffed Lululemon bag, because I don’t have a free hand to hold a dress on a hanger. And before every workout, I lay my dress out in the underutilized gym sauna, spritz a bit of Downy Wrinkle Releaser on (bonus – it smells AMAZING), and watch my dress transform into something that looks like I just got it from the dry cleaner. Total win, in my book. 

Carmex Lip Balm

I can’t be the only one who keeps a lip balm in every pocket and bag – right? I CANNOT STAND having dry lips, and Carmex definitely quenches on command. At a ridiculously affordable price point, I’ve got a Comfort Care Stick stashed in multiple compartments.

Schick Razors & Shaving Gels

Wayward unwanted hairs are never cute, and as diligent as I try to be in shaving – I sometimes do the deed while half asleep. Enter the Schick Razor I keep stashed in my gym bag, to the rescue. Unsightly body hair, begone!

Mitch Stone Haircare

My mane is needy – I’ve made no secret of that. Lately, I’ve really been loving Mitch Stone’s hair care line, and have been keeping that stashed in my gym bag, for those quickie post-workout showers, ya know?

From clothing care to skincare, these are just some of my favorite things, for getting pretty in a hurry, that is. What are some of yours?! Do share!

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