Be a Goal Digger with Polar Heart Rate Monitors

Now that we have gotten the first week of 2017 out of the year, and we have a good idea of what our goals are, I want to devote some time on this site to helping you reach your fitness goals.

It’s no secret that I am HUGE on utilizing tech gadgets to push me forward in all of my fitness endeavors. One brand and tool that has been with me in many different iterations, since the very beginning is the Polar Heart Rate Monitor.

With a plethora of different devices to choose from, which one should YOU go with in order to reach your fitness goals? Why, I thought you’d never ask! In this post, I break down some of the latest and greatest Polar HRMs (don’t you just love abbreviations?!), and what kind of exerciser can benefit from each one.

The Fitness Newbie


If your overall goal is to get a bit healthier, and you have no idea where to begin – well then the Polar A360 is the Polar tool for you. Beyond just telling you the time and your heart rate, this waterproof tracker offers up personalized training guidance, as well as 24/7 activity tracking. It’s sleek, it’s shiny, it’s discreet, and it fits perfectly into your everyday repertoire. Purchase an A360 from the site, and you even get a complimentary workout plan c/o Les Mills.

The Runner and Casual Fitness Fan

If fitness in the form of outdoor running is your thing, then the Polar M200 is the watch for you. This watch measures daily activity 24/7, just like the A360. What makes this a runner’s watch however is the integrated GPS feature, as well as the complimentary Polar Running Program, which offers up training recommendations based on your running distance and cadence goals. Pretty nifty, no?

The Advanced Exerciser

Last but most certainly not least, we’ve got the mack daddy of the new releases from Polar – the Polar M600 GPS Sports Watch Powered by Android Wear (TM). The Polar M600 is like my beloved M400, with some extra bells and whistles. This is the watch for the obsessive-compulsive fitness enthusiast (a group to which I am a card-carrying member) that wants to track not only their daily activities, but also their workout-specific metrics. You can set sport-specific profiles for each of the activities you engage in, changing the metrics that appear with every workout. You also have access to Polar’s Smart Coaching feature, which provides detailed information about your fitness levels, and guidance for improvement. Last but not least, the M600 plays incredibly well with Android devices, allowing you to access your phone from your wrist. I’ve been playing with the M600 this past week, and am LOVING it so far!

All three of these HRMs are wrist-pulse based, which means you don’t need a chest transmitter to get an accurate reading. All three of these also provide you with step counts, sleep numbers, and daily calorie burn, as part of the daily activity tracking. No matter which option you go with – you know you’re getting something that will last FOREVER.

Which Polar is screaming your name? Tell me in the comments! To get one of your very own, be sure to visit the Polar Website. Use my link, and you can get Free Shipping on orders $100+

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