Holiday Hair Makeover at Salon AKS

So what does one do when one is completely and utterly fed-up with their bland and boring hair color/style?

First, one makes funny faces and take selfies. Second, one finds themselves a posh, yet down-to-Earth salon that will make one look and feel absolutely fabulous. In case you haven’t put two and two together, I’m the one utterly fed up with her boring hair, and I got myself to Salon AKS in New York City, with the quickness.

A bit of background, for those who haven’t heard about how annoying my hair is, before. My mane is coarse, curly, frizzy, very long, and color-treated – partially out of necessity (yes, those greys are creeping), and partially because I find my drab dark brown very boring. Admittedly, I am lax on the trims because I love the extra-long length, and have been having my hair professionally dyed the same shade of dark brown mixed with violet for 3 YEARS. Yes, it was time for a change, for sure.

Having been invited to the salon, I jumped at the opportunity for a mane overhaul. Upon entering the salon on a busy Wednesday afternoon, I was instantly impressed. Not only was it spacious and inviting, but it also had all the bells and whistles I’d expect a modern salon to have – like futuristic hair dryers and a cushy mani/pedi spot. My makeover started with a color consultation and session with Selma, who was instantly on-board with my color preferences, but had a couple of suggestions on how we could mix things up without going too drastic. We kept it a similar dark shade with a violet hue – just a tad lighter, and with some face-framing subtle highlights. 

Post-color and glaze, I sat down for a much-needed shape and style with Nyree, who specializes in people with hair just like mine (read: difficult). She gave my ‘do a much-needed update with some subtle layering, and a chop of all that dead hair. The end result was something definitely shorter (RIP, dead hair and split ends), but a lot more sleek and flattering. The layers prevent my hair from sloping out a la pyramid hair.

Voila, the final product:

All in all, I’m DEFINITELY digging my new look. I am thrilled not only with my makeover, but also with my overall experience at Salon AKS.

Oh! Before I forget, Salon AKS also has a FANTASTIC hair care line, which runs the range from shampoo and conditioner, to a fab serum that kept this unruly mane at bay through rain, snow, and INTENSE cold.

New York City Folks – Book your appointment at Salon AKS, today.

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