Self #UpNOutStudio Event with #BatisteStyle – A Recap and Review


What do you get when you combine my intense love of fitness with my unyielding adoration for all things beauty-related?!


Why, Self Magazine’s #UpNOutStudio experience, of course!


Just this past Saturday, I had the opportunity to join both Self Magazine and Batiste Dry Shampoo in what amounted to an epic morning filled with fitness, beauty, and fun.


Prior to the event, guests selected a fitness experience that they wanted to partake in, from a myriad of different options that ran the gamut from barre workouts to boot-camps. Being that I am a HUGE fan of getting on a bike and pedaling to nowhere (I mean it!), you know I went with the Spin option, that was hosted by Swerve Fitness. What I got was a solid 50 minutes of sprints and hills, HIIT-style, hosted by one of Swerve’s awesome instructors – Jamie.


After cooling down and stretching it out, I cruised the sponsor floor of the event, a woman on a mission. Knowing that Batiste Dry Shampoo had a hair style lounge set up, I braved the crowd (oh those lines!) – in hot pursuit for a cure to my post-workout hair woes. My eyes immediately locked onto it – like a spotlight on a stage – the Batiste Style Lounge. Like a thirsty woman to water, I ran to the displays of those magical cans of dry shampoo spray.


Okay, now I’m being a little dramatic. I’ve been reading too many historical novels of late, sue me. Anywho, if you know me IRL (in real life), you know three pervasive things about my personage:


  1. I live and breathe the fitness lifestyle. If I am not at work or sleeping, chances are I am in the gym, kicking my own backside with grueling workouts.
  2. Free time does not exist in my world. I work full time, commute nearly 3 hours to and from the city, and dedicate 2-3 hours a day working out. In short, I’m a very busy girl.
  3. Barring my exertions in the gym, I am insufferably lazy when it comes to mundane things like housework and washing my unruly mane.


Now when you combine facts 1, 2 and 3, you will see why Batiste’s Dry Shampoo is a veritable lifesaver, and a product I can easily call not only a gym bag beauty staple, but a life staple for women everywhere. Offering up not only different amazing scents (oh Tropical, you smell SO GOOD), but also formulations that provide hints of color to match your mane (white powder, begone!), Batiste is everything this fit chick/busy lady needs.


After a few spritzes of the Dark & Deep Brown Batiste Dry Shampoo spray, my hair looked and smelled as good as freshly washed (P.S. I’m not willing to disclose how many days it has been since my last wash, so don’t ask – k?). My stylist then plaited my hair into the most adorable pigtail cornrows. I held on to those braids for three days, I loved them so much.


All in all, it was a pretty epic Saturday morning.


Any other lovers of Spin and Batiste? Do share in the comments.

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