Give Flawless Face with Color Me Beauty

IMGM8928In the world of beauty, few things will get my attention faster than the words flawless and face, used together – of course. Imagine then, how my interest was piqued when I was introduced to the newest in beauty technology, the Color Me Beauty Foundation Applicator kit. Housed in a sleek, ergonomic, and adorably tiny little package, you get enough power to flawlessly apply any number of cosmetic products to the face, quickly, effortlessly, and most importantly – flawlessly.

Krasey Beauty Eric Jimenez

Before I tell you all about the product, let me first say a bit on the founder. Eric Jimenez is the beauty mastermind behind some of my favorite brands, and with good reason. He understands the needs of the beauty industry, is a master artist, and is a trailblazing innovator in the world of cosmetics. I had the immense joy of meeting Eric over five years ago, and we remain friends to this very day. As soon as he showed me what his latest venture could do, I was all about it.

Color Me BeautySo, what is the Color Me applicator? Essentially, it’s a miniature foundation application device, that pulses at a rate of 15,000 pulses per minute, mimicking the tapping of fingers applying product. Both hygienic (the sponges you affix to the device are disposable) and quick (I can flawlessly blend foundation in 30 seconds), Color Me is head and shoulders above makeup brushes, in the application department.

Color Me can be used to not only apply foundation, but to highlight and contour, as well. Honestly, this one device replaces the need for at least 3 of the face brushes that I have in my arsenal, and applies powders just as well as it applies liquid.

All in all, Color Me is a device that has made perfecting my palette a breeze. Get yours at Macy’s, Ulta, Sephora, or QVC!

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