Date Night Beauty

A date night can be one of the most excited experiences, whatever your age. Dates can come in many forms. You might be single and completely new to the dating scene. Perhaps you’ve dated before and want to try again. Or maybe you’re in a relationship or marriage and are going on a “date” with your partner! Many couples swear by the positive effects of going on dates together to spend quality time and keep the spark alive. Dates have arguably got more creative than ever. The meal out or movie night are still incredibly popular. But dates can also now be an experience or a day trip. A walk in the park or on the beach can be romantic and fun. A visit to a gallery or even just a casual drive can give us the chance to really talk to one another. Whatever the occasion, your makeup should match accordingly. There now seem to be two specific ways to wear your makeup for a date that have emerged recently. The natural, barely-there fresh face for the day time. And the dialed up, glamour bombshell for the evening. There’s no harm in learning how to do both should the occasion arise! Read on to find out how!


Date Look 1 (Nighttime) Ultra Glamorous

This is your “time to shine” look. A no-holds-barred glamorous look that will knock your date off their feet. In the artificial light, candle light, or even moonlight of the evening, stronger makeup is needed to make your features stand out. We can go as bright or as neutral as we like. But we can play up textures like sheen, sparkle and gloss to catch the light. Choose a base that you’re comfortable with for flawless skin. Sculpt your cheekbones with bronzer and apply a highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones to look luminous and beautiful. Eyeliner can be thicker than normal and winged for an extra lift. Adding something like Velour fake lashes fake lashes can take your eye makeup from “blah” to bombshell. Take your tip, watch tutorials online if you’re not sure what to do, and be prepared to turn heads. Neutral glossy lips are always timeless, but a naughty red is high-octane beauty.

Date Look 2 (Daytime) Barely-there and fresh faced

A date in the daytime can be a great way to show off your natural beauty. In natural light it’s particularly important that our skin looks fresh and not caked in product. If you can skip the foundation and just wear sunscreen, go for it. If you feel a little self-conscious with no coverage at all then a tinted moisturiser, BB cream or a little concealer can all go a long way. Take some blotting sheets with you or some translucent powder to stay oil-free all day long. With a bit of cream blush and subtle highlighter, your skin will catch the light and look naturally flawless and youthful. For the eyes, go for subtle definition. If you don’t want to skip eyeshadow altogether then stick with neutral shades. A subtle shimmer on the lid can look pretty and alluring without being too much. Go easy on the liner but make the most of your eyelashes with a few coats of mascara and a good curler. Make sure your brows are groomed and natural and your face will always look defined and well put together. For the lips, it’s entirely up to you. A fun way to wear lipstick in the daytime can be with a balm or stain. You still have the eye-catching benefits of a bright lip but without the high maintenance. Neutral, peachy shades also look good on almost anyone. If you want to go super low maintenance just make sure your lips are soft and hydrated. Buff over them with a soft toothbrush the night before and apply a balm generously for soft, kissable lips!

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