Top Apps to Make your Workout More Fun

Whilst working out can provide us with a more athletic body and an enhanced sense of energy, sometimes it can be tough to stay inspired.

Beach Handstand

So if you’re looking to make that early morning jog a little less painful, then here are some suggestions of brands such as Pandora, NexTrack and Lucky Nugget who can help make getting in shape a lot more enjoyable.

Music apps

We all know how music has the power to inspire us, and the specially curated workout playlists on online radio stations such as Pandora can certainly provide a bit of get-up-and-go on a particularly cold and gray morning. These provide a great way to find a soundtrack to suit your own aesthetic and mood, and match the bpm to your own workout style.

And even superstar DJs are getting in on the act with the likes of David Guetta providing his own mixes for RockMyRun to give you a helping hand in achieving fitness glory.

Gaming entertainment

If you’re looking for some inspiration to put an extra spring in your step, then definitely try out the Zombies Run gaming app. This promises to give your morning run a fun ‘Walking Dead’ twist as it features an interactive story that provides you with 200 missions to complete in order to avoid the (imaginary) zombies on your workout session.

Even running on the treadmill for half an hour can be made a lot more enjoyable with a gaming site on a mobile or tablet. Puzzle games such as Color Switch seem to be perfectly designed for workout use, although Lucky Nugget Casino’s games offer a more enticing option as it’s a site who accept Canadian players as a way of helping everybody enjoy their user-friendly and enjoyably distracting games of poker, roulette and slots.

Making fitness fun

Although working out can be a solitary activity, it’s always a lot more fun to subtly compete against friends. And the NexTrack fitness app makes it really easy to monitor your fitness progress in comparison with friends, as the app allow you to compete for fitness prizes and coupons in over 200 specially selected activities.

In addition to this, the Ghost Race app provides you with the fun opportunity to race yourself so that you can still get the competitive edge when working out alone. And with Lucky Nugget’s games also being formulated for solitary use, there’s never been an easier way to get in shape!

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