Digital Distractions and Music Mash-Up with Luden’s Beatbox


In this world of conformity, I have always been one to dance to my own tune. Happily, Luden’s has launched a new Beatbox campaign, affording me (and you!) with the opportunity to ‘beat the beat’, if you will. In the Luden’s Beatbox, we’ve got the opportunity to create our own musical mash-ups, in a fun, unique, and free way.

Everyone and their mom has heard of and uses Luden’s to aid sore and scratchy throat woes. Great tasting, affordable, and easily accessible, Luden’s is the first thing I reach for whenever my throat starts bothering me. Strawberry Banana is my favorite, in case you were wondering.

Speaking of favorites, you may not know this about me – but I LOVE music. One of the determining factors in how my workout will go is the playlist I’ve got streaming in my ears, and I consider myself to be quite the mix-master when it comes to creating eclectic playlists to compliment my routines. From showtunes to heavy metal, I mix it all up while I work through my sets.


In the spirit of mixing things up, Luden’s has launched the Beatbox – a free interactive website that allows you to create your own tunes by layering sounds, vocals, and instrumentals. In the ultimate remix, you can add synthesizer effects to your creation, making the music you create truly your own.

When you’re ready to share your music with the world, you have the ability to post to your Facebook wall with a custom-generated GIF, which is pretty cool if you ask me. You can follow and share with Luden’s on their Facebook page, and/or on their Twitter page, too!

Want to get in on the Beatbox fun? Go ahead and visit the Luden’s Beatbox site, and follow along on social media using the hashtag, #LudensBeatbox. For more information on Luden’s, and the full line of products, log onto the Luden’s Website!

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