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Dearest readers, I’d like to try something a bit different. If you want more posts like this, do let me know, k?

flapJacked Mighty Muffins

Adapting to a healthy eating regimen is certainly not easy, especially when unhealthy food tastes so darned good. While moderation in all things is the key to success, it doesn’t hurt to have a good amount of the healthy stuff in your diet – to ensure the best results. That being said, your friendly neighborhood fit foodie (that’s me) scours the web on the regular, searching for the very best foods to incorporate into her healthy-eating plan. Without further ado, here are some of my latest finds!

Mighty Muffins, by flapJacked


For me, the most challenging meal of the day is usually breakfast. After not eating for however many hours I slept, I am ravenous – and my office offers up bagels and pastries (not healthy, but oh so good), on the daily. That being said, Mighty Muffins from flapJacked taste like mana from heaven. Mighty Muffins are essentially the perfect balance of fat, carbs and protein, packed into a super-convenient container. A quarter cup of water and 45 seconds in the microwave yield a warm, moist, and perfectly sweetened protein-packed cake to enjoy. Maple Pumpkin and S’mores are my favorites, and I make sure I stock up when needed. To get in on the action, visit the flapJacked website, today!

Perky Jerky

Perky Jerky

All my life, I have been a snacker. For that reason, I am always looking for healthy replacements to the unhealthy snacks I know and love. Enter Perky Jerky – the most delicious jerky I have ever tried, period. It is moist, flavorful, and it is absolutely delicious. Whenever I am fiending for snacks of a salty nature, I reach for these protein-packed strips, and am never disappointed. My favorite flavor is the Pale Ale turkey jerky, in case you were wondering – but honestly, they are all fantastic. You can find both online, and at a Whole Foods near you.


Carba Nada Noodles

I know I’m not alone in my love-hate relationship with pasta. I mean, who doesn’t love a warm bowl of carbs laden with sauce and other fun accoutrements? While pasta is both versatile and delicious, it’s super easy to go overboard, which means I’m in for more carbs than I would like to have. Enter Carba Nada, a brand that offers up a lower carb pasta packed with protein and fiber. This is the closest thing I’ve found to traditional pasta that not only tastes amazing (it comes in several flavors), but actually makes me feel like I’m eating a bowl of the carb-laden stuff. You can find Carba Nada online, or at a local high-end market by you.

These are the healthy foods I’m loving lately. Name some of yours in the comments!

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