How I Went to #BreakFromTheHerd with Bigen Vivid Shades Hair Dye

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When it comes to hair color, I must admit that I am a fickle creature with an eye (or would it be hair) for adventure. For that very reason, I was beyond excited when offered up the opportunity to give Bigen Vivid Shades Semi-Permanent Hair Color a try! Being that my wedding is coming up and I can’t afford to go too crazy (I can’t believe I’m less than a month out, by the way!), I opted to take the color to some clip-in extensions, and danced the night away with my hot pink hair.

In general, I am no stranger when it comes to dying my hair, nor am I faint of heart when it comes to “out-of-the-norm” hair colors. If I didn’t work in finance land, I could very well rock amethyst or fuschia hair on the regular, just an fyi. Anywho, when I received the Bigen Vivid Shades dye in vivid pink, I knew I had found a shade that’s as loud (in a good way, of course) as my personality. Hair color and instructions in hand, I got to work on a pair of clip-in, human hair extensions.IMG_4792



The process began with bleaching the dark brown, virgin hair extensions. After 20 minutes, I rinsed the bleach off the extensions, and then shampooed, as per usual haircare protocol. Saturating the hair with the dye, I allowed it to process for the recommended 25 minutes, and came up with this:
The hair extensions came out amazing. Not only did they feel silky smooth, smell great, and show absolutely no signs of damage, but they had this incredible, gorgeous shine. And despite my reservations on dying hair as dark as my own, I am pleased to report that the color really was a gorgeous shade of hot pink that totally matched my bachelorette party ensemble.


Armed with my hot pink extensions, I felt unstoppable during my bachelorette shindig. My hair is already long, full, and an unusual violet-hued dark brown, but with the hot pink streaks, I felt even more festive and fun. Standard hair colors are boring, but hot pink instantly jazzed up my look and definitely made me stand out in crowd.

AuthorLogo-bigenBigen Vivid Shades semi-Permanent Hair Color allows you to “Break From the Herd” with 6 bold and bright shades that let you show your wild side. Conditioning, oil-rich formulas with no ammonia and no peroxide are so gentle on your hair you can color with confidence.

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