Best Gifts for Moms


Whether you’re getting ready to celebrate Mom’s birthday, or you want to give her a just-because kind of gift, picking a great gift for your mom means considering her interests and thinking about all of the times she’s hinted at something she might be needing. But if you feel like you just can’t come up with any good ideas on your own, here are a few things to get you started:

  • The classic thoughtful gift: flowers, chocolates, wine, and a nice dinner. It may seem a little conventional (or even unoriginal if what you want is to really wow your mom), but you might be surprised just how much it means to Mom to feel pampered and treated. If you want to make things a little more special and personal, attend to all the little details. Bring your gifts to the restaurant beforehand and ask the host to bring them out: a bouquet for your table, a unique chocolate on her place setting, a personalized bottle of wine. Check out personalized wine gifts to have a bottle inscribed with her name or a message to her from you.
  • Think about things she’s hinted at wanting. If you can’t think of anything, ask around with other family members or friends. It will be an extra special gift knowing that you were attentive and willing to spend some time considering her gift.
  • If she’s not the type to hint at gifts she might like, think about her hobbies and interests. For many hobbies, there are always little things that the hobbyist could use: paints or paint brushes for the painter, yarn for the knitter, gloves for the gardener. If you aren’t sure, head to a specialty shop and ask for help. If the attendants are friendly, they will probably really enjoy helping you put together a little gift basket with lots of hobby-related gifts.
  • Use your skills or hobbies to give her a personal gift. If you like to paint, paint her a picture. If you play music, record a song for her. Give it to her on a CD or as an mp3 that she can listen to whenever she wants. If you are good at fixing things, go over to her house and help her with any house repair problems she’s been having.
  • You can also just do your best to help her with anything she needs help with, even if you’re not a pro. If she’s worried about her finances, help her balance her checkbook. If she’s having trouble keeping up with housework, come over and help her. Help her take her car to the shop or to her appointments. She’ll appreciate the time you spend with her and the care you take in making sure she is well and happy. It’s always a good idea to give a sort of pampering gift set, like a box full of bubble bath and other relaxing items.
  • Plan a whole day of events that is just for her. This is an especially good idea if Mom tends to be the self-sacrificing type who will forego her preferences to make her family happy. Take her to her to do something she will like: a trip to the museum, to a movie she wants to see, to a botanical garden, to the beach, etc. Then take her to her favorite restaurant. If you have more time, throw in a little shopping trip so she can choose a gift she might like.
  • Have some photos printed and framed in a nice, professional way. If she has some favorite photos that are old or damaged, have them repaired. Or have copies of old photos enlarged, clarified, or colorized. Have a few of her favorite photos finished professionally and then framed or collaged professionally.
  • Sign up for a class together. If she likes to paint, take her to a painting technique class, or to a class in a different type of art you think she might enjoy like sculpting. Make sure it’s a beginner’s class and make sure you sign up with her. You might even want to pick something you know you will both be bad at as it will be fun to mess up together. Take a ballroom dancing class, learn to shoot an arrow, or take a painting and wine class. Be sure to bring all the materials and to take pictures.

For many of us, our moms give us so much every day. Whether it’s for a birthday or just because, it’s always a good idea to give Mom some really special gifts that will really make her feel special.

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