9 Tips for a Happy Honeymoon

Hawaiian Honeymoon
Having a great honeymoon is all about figuring out what trip is going to really be meaningful for you and your new husband. When planning your honeymoon, really take the time to consider what both of you want out of your honeymoon to have a really great and memorable experience. Here are a few tips to help you make sure you’re doing everything you can to ensure a really great honeymoon.
1)       Plan your honeymoon with the same careful attention you give your wedding. It’s no afterthought. Your wedding lasts one day while your honeymoon lasts around a week, so you’re definitely going to want to be happy while you’re there. Start the conversation early with your man about where you’d like to go, what you’d like to do, what all of your options are, and what you can really afford.
2)       Don’t go way over budget on a honeymoon. There’s no point going into debt for it. And you don’t want to blow all of the money you receive through wedding gifts on a honeymoon. After all, you don’t know how much money you can expect in gifts, anyway. There are lots of great, smaller vacations you can take that will be just as fun and won’t keep you feeling low the whole time about how much money you’re spending.
3)       If your heart’s really set on a big, grand honeymoon, start saving now for a honeymoon in the future. There’s no rule that says your honeymoon has to start right after your wedding. Take your wedding gift money and put it towards a fund for your future honeymoon. This will also stretch out the fun of your wedding planning as you get to keep planning for your dream vacation off in the future.
4)       Make sure you both get a voice in choosing the location. Nothing will kill a good vacation like one party feeling bored or uninterested in the whole thing, or disappointed that they didn’t get to go somewhere else. You should each make a list of places you’d like to go, and then see what the other one comes up with. Then sit down and talk about the pros and cons of each location for each of you until you find something you’re both excited about.
5)       Once you do pick a location, start planning early about what you want to do, where you will stay, and how you will get there. It can take some time to do the research to figure out how to build a really fabulous vacation on a smart budget, so leave yourself adequate time for this. Talk to any friends or relatives that have been to this location and see if they have any insight and consult some travel books, magazines, and blogs.
6)       This tip might seem like it conflicts with the last one, but don’t have any rules or expectations. The best way to have a vacation you really enjoy is to go with your gut. Decide at the last minute you don’t really feel like touring museums? Then don’t! Want to rent bikes instead? Do it! A vacation should be fun, and holding yourself to too many expectations and rules can really ruin that quickly.
7)       Give yourself plenty of ways to reduce or eliminate vacation stress in advance. If you and your husband are feeling like you need some alone time while on the vacation, there’s nothing wrong with that. Give yourself room in your schedule to unwind, relax and read, go for a nice walk—anything that will help keep the stress and pressure low. Consider renting a house or condo so you can cook some meals at home, which will help keep things easy. And keep your possessions safe. Nothing can add stress to a situation like a robbery. Don’t bring anything really valuable like computers. Consider leaving your engagement ring at home, too. You can always look at CZ engagement rings to wear instead, just while you’re on vacation. When you’re out and about, always have your money and passport on you. Get a wallet or passport holder that you can wear close to your body or under your clothes.
8)       It’s okay if you fight! No vacation is ever perfect, so don’t stress yourself out trying to make it the perfect honeymoon. If you guys fight, that’s okay. Just treat it like any normal fight you might have. Trying to prevent any kind of fight altogether is sure to just make it worse.
9)       Do at least one thing you normally wouldn’t do. This is the best way to make sure you have something really memorable from your vacation. Just the right amount of thrill will leave a really good sort of afterglow for the rest of the trip, too!
When planning the perfect honeymoon, remember that no honeymoon is “perfect” in the RomCom sense! Just plan a trip that you know will be fun, easy, and in your budget to really have the best possible time!

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