Four ways to curb your fashion addiction


As the latest fashion week comes to an end with the talented designers producing more must-have items for all budding fashionistas, it is an understandably tough time on the purse strings. Whether you’re restricted because you simply cannot fit one more item inside your wardrobe or because your bank is begging you to steer clear of the department stores: this guide is for you. Here are four simple steps that can keep your passion for fashion satiated without needing to buy more clothes:

Have a clear out

This is an excellent place to start, especially if you’re short on space. Going through your wardrobe and deciding which pieces you definitely will not be wearing again will clear up space and if you’re savvy you may even be able to make some money by selling your unwanted garments on eBay.  It can be tempting to hang on to pieces you don’t wear regularly on the off chance that you may want it someday so be strict with yourself and pare that wardrobe down to size!

Read your favorite fashion blogs

Technically, you can already cross one off the list – which is always a bonus. But seriously, having a core section of fashion bloggers whose style you admire is a brilliant way to curb your cravings for new fashions. This way, you can live vicariously through them and see what new styles and designs work well and what works well and what doesn’t without needing to flash the cash yourself.

Play your favorite fashion-related games

There are endless fashion-related games available online or on your phone. From dress up games, where you can pick and choose the ideal outfit for characters or the likes of Uptown Aces Fashion slot game which is ideal for fashionistas who also like to gamble. This way you can have a bit of fun instead of buying another striped top that, if you’re honest, you probably don’t need.

Get a job in a clothing store

The benefits which come from gaining employment in a clothing store are endless for fashionistas. From getting a staff discount on the products to being one of the first to see the new lines, working in a store can help you get that fashion fix and will allow you to gain money rather than spend it! Working in a clothing store will also help you gain an understanding of the fashion world from the inside and it can potentially open doors further up the fashion chain for you.

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