Krasey Wedding Honeymoon Planning Hijinks with Microsoft Sway

Hawaiian Honeymoon

Inspired by all I’ve learned about Sway at the Office Champions Summit, I find myself looking for ways to use Sway’s awesomely interactive interface to make the wedding planning process easier on myself and my future hubby. Chatting with a friend of mine over where Anthony and I are in the wedding planning process, I had a bit of a Eureka moment while exclaiming that we are actively planning our two week honeymoon. It came to me – why not create a Sway board for us to update as we try to plan together what we are hoping will be the trip of a lifetime.

Being that I am rather proud of what I’ve got so far, I figured I’d share with you all what I’ve got so far. Hawaiian Honeymoon Sway – here we go!

Just working through details and creating this Sway board has me all kinds of jazzed for this honeymoon of ours. Has anyone ever been to Hawaii and Disneyland – share some recommendations with me in the comments!


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