2015 Wedding Trends and Jewelry with Colin Cowie and Blue Nile

10511293_614691471963466_4848357818310966399_nSummer is here, and wedding season is in full swing! Being just about three months out from my own big day means that I’ve got wedding on the brain, and in a big way. It’s for that very reason that I jumped at the opportunity to interview Colin Cowie – lifestyle guru and wedding planner to the stars – to chat about his jewelry collaboration with Blue Nile, and wedding trends in general. Read on for what Colin had to say!

Colin Cowie

What are some important steps to take in wedding planning?

The first step to planning any event is to look at the big picture. With planning a wedding, you are creating a complete sensory experience, and telling a story meant to take people on a journey. Think of how you want to make people feel. Personalization is key.

Tell us about current wedding trends you have seen.

There are many trends across a number of areas.

Food: There is a huge organic movement right now, and more and more people want to know not only what is in their food, but also where it came from.  Family-style dining and signature wedding drinks are popular, as well.

Entertainment: Integrating DJs with other performers is very popular right now. For example, a DJ with a live singer, or a DJ with an instrumentalist.

Colors: Mixed metal, blushes, and nude shades are very big for the summer.

Why did you decide to work with Blue Nile?

To me, Blue Nile is like the Uber of the jewelry industry. It speaks to millenials, and offers up a custom experience where you pick out your setting and your stone.

What inspires your designs?

My designs are the manifestation of things that I am inspired by. To me, there is a timeless elegance to an engagement ring, as it works for life. Unlike your clothing, engagement rings won’t change with the fashion trends or the seasons. There are three collections – eternal, promise, and romance, and all incorporate design elements that are personal, to me.

What’s next for you?

There is another jewelry collection down the pipeline.

A huge thanks to Colin, for sharing all of this wonderful information with us. Be sure to check out his Blue Nile engagement collection. Those of you who are local to Long Island, Blue Nile has just opened a flagship shop at the Roosevelt Field Mall.

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