On Empowering Myself Through Fitness


To live is to grow, evolve, and learn. When discussing my physical, mental, and philosophical evolution, the woman I am today is a far cry from the woman I was 10 years ago, 5 years ago, and even a year ago. Though my own personal path to self-development has been fraught with twists, turns, and even major potholes, I’ve managed to emerge at my peak – much to my elation. This post is about how I found my own sense of empowerment through my pursuit of fitness, and how Swoob Fitness and Sabre Pepper sprays are helping women everywhere feel empowered.

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Swoob is a company that not only produces both sports bras and fitness apparel, but it is also a source of inspiration and empowerment for active women everywhere. Swoob is about female strength and ingenuity, and delivers a very strong message that women can achieve everything that they desire. Through their innovative line of sports bras with pockets, they are giving women the ability to keep items on hand at all times, especially items that can make them feel more safe and secure when going out for a solo run or hike.

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This brings us to another company that empowers women, but this time through insuring personal safety – Sabre. Sabre produces personal safety equipment such as a runner’s pepper spray with a hand strap, so that any woman can feel safe and defend herself if necessary when taking her workout outdoors.

Both Sabre and Swoob empower women, offering up both support for and stories of women surviving sexual assault. All with the goal of helping women everywhere, both companies are doing their part to nurture, enrich, and inspire the female population. When asked to share my own personal story of empowerment, my mind immediately brought me back to a time when I felt like a mere shell of a woman. Beginning in my teens and through to my mid-20’s, I was a slave to an eating disorder that not only left me physically wasting away, but also pushing away those I loved most. Obsessed with starving myself, I lost any free will and health I had to the insidious claws of anorexia.


My empowerment came from an epiphany I had one day, when I finally understood why I had developed the eating disorder in the first place. In the path to healing both physical and psychological wounds, I found a healthy outlet that at once invigorated and empowered me – bodybuilding. In bodybuilding, the emphasis is on properly fueling your body with nutritious foods and then pushing your body to become stronger, faster, and more efficient. In bodybuilding, I was able to channel all the negativity that stemmed from the eating disorder into a healthy and sustainable outlet. In my pursuit of physical fitness, I have become stronger both physically and mentally. Somewhere along the way I shed my own preconceived notions of perfection, my insecurities, and all of my self-doubts. In that, I have become a healthier, happier person. Gone is the compulsion and the obsession, and in it’s place is a stronger (both physically and mentally) me.

What empowers you? Please share with me in the comments, and be sure to check out both Swoob Fitness and Sabre, and find your own inspiration.

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