Hot Summer Months = Hot Swimwear for 2015

When it comes to the world of swimwear, sky’s the limit when it comes to options and variance of form and function. If we are being honest, searching for the best swimsuit for 2015 is a challenging task, at best. Here are some of the suits that I’ve come across while surfing the web: my personal picks for the best-looking, most universally diver suits on the interwebs:

Love at first sight: A dazzling one piece bathing suit

A one piece bathing suit is the top choice because it blurs out those little imperfections you can’t amend before your getaways, it looks good in all sizes, grown- ups, children and is never out of style. For me this is the perfect design for 2015.


This colorful one piece bathing suit reminds me of Mexican culture, and has a cut that will flatter a myriad of body types.




These two suits are a bit on the sexier side, with daring cutouts.




Swimsuits with nature prints are flirty and fun.




Bold colors and dramatic cutouts are great options for the fun loving chick in her late twenties and thirties.


One of the most daring and unique one piece swimsuits I’ve lately seen is this one by Saha, it has a great silhouette and features cut out sides and an eye- catching geometric design that creates a kind of 3D Effect which slims the waist. The halter top provides a great bust support and the plunging deep neckline adds just the right amount of sexiness.

These are my fav swimsuits so far. What is your favorite bathing suit for 2015? Tell me in the comments!


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