On How Skype and Skype Qik are Helping Me With Competition Prep and Wedding Planning


Question: What is easily accessible, entertaining, convenient, and able to traverse long distances with the click of a button?

Answer: Skype!

If you’ve been a longtime reader of this blog, you will know that I am head-over-heels in love with all things Microsoft, and an official Microsoft Office Champion. We’ve covered Office, the Xbox, OneDrive and Sway, but now I’d like to turn it over to another Microsoft product that we haven’t yet discussed – Skype. Often used and never duplicated, Skype has been the helpful hand in all things wedding planning, and now in all things competition prep. Brand new to the party is Skype Qik – a video-based social media platform that allows you to communicate with friends and family, on the quick, easy, and fun. So let’s dive in and talk Skype!

Skype gives me a feeling of closeness to those that are far away. It is a tool that has been invaluable in both the wedding planning and contest prep process. Here’s how:

Not all members of my bridal party live nearby, which makes personal-feeling correspondence nigh impossible- especially when the busy hits (which is daily!). Sure, I could talk to my girls on the phone, but there are times where you want to see facial expressions rather than just hear them. Plus, reactions are always more impactful when they are visual, right? Several months ago, I sent one of my matrons and one of my bridesmaids cards (asking them to their roles) via snail mail, with instructions to Skype me before opening. Both of them opened their cards while Skyping with me, which means I was able to see their wonderful reactions, as well as hearing them!

In contest prep, I am able to check-in with my teammates (who are all over the US) almost-daily. We are able to not only share instant videos with words of support daily, but also host skype-chat posing sessions and progress check-ins, which keeps all of us accountable.


Qik is a great little social media platform that allows my teammates and I to send each other videos (for our eyes only) that are visible for a limited time. We were really able to have fun with it, often sending each other videos during our gym sessions, showing off our personal bests. On the not-so glamorous side of competing front, we sent each other requests for support, when things got tough.

All in all, Skype and Skype Qik are both fantastic tools for keeping in touch with those near (spiritually, not geographically) and dear to my heart. Sure, it is fun to talk to someone over the phone, but the visual experience will always trump a purely audio one.

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