All About How Microsoft Office Is Helping Me With Competition Prep and Wedding Planning

Ah, April – how the heck did you come and go so quickly?! When last we spoke, I was busy navigating the holidays, tackling wedding planning, and trying to stay on top of my fitness goals. Now, here we are at the end of the first quarter of the year, and I’m just wondering where all that time went!


As I enter my third decade of life (seriously, where does all the time go?!), I feel like I’ve got this whole “life thing” figured out, sort of. I may not have all the philosophical answers, but at least I am becoming better, stronger, and more efficient in all the things that I do. Speaking of which, I am sitting here now and contemplating the fact that I am less than half a year out to my wedding (squeeeee), and less than two months out from my first show of the season (woohoo)! So much to do, and so little time to do it in! That being said, this is a post about the latest and greatest from Microsoft Office, and how it is helping make the wedding planning and prep process a heck of a lot more enjoyable.


OneNote for iPhone – Even Better

One update to OneNote for iPhone that I am really loving is the OneNote widget – an icon you can access from your notifications center (that menu that pops up when you click the top of your screen and drag down) on the iPhone that easily lets you add notes and pictures, without having to navigate your phone and search for the OneNote app. This is great for when inspiration hits and I need to add something to my OneNote in the middle of a jog or weights session (I guess working out really gets the creative juices flowing!). Another update I’m loving is the ability to access notes I’ve created on my Surface Pro 2, under recent notes on my iPhone app.


Sway for iPhone – Making Sway Handier, Literally

In my last post, I mentioned Microsoft’s brand new project management tool – Sway. To recap, Sway is an application that provides a platform that enables you to put together all of your ideas – from every source imaginable, and every Microsoft app in existence – and present them in a cohesive and appealing way across all of your devices. With Sway on iPhone being rolled-out everywhere, I have yet another device to Sway on. I’ve been adding even more to my “Krasey Wedding” vision board, tacking away whenever the mood strikes. Productivity has never been so pretty, either, with Sway for iPhone looking as clean and neat as I’d like it to!

iPhone Lens – Pretty Awesome, Indeed

To those of you that know me in IRL, it is no surprise to hear me declare that my handy-dandy iPhone and I are attached at the hip (err, hand). It’s for that reason that I am super excited that Office Lens has come out for iPhone. What Office Lens does is capture images (any images, from snapshots of a magazine image to a picture of a menu), crop and enhance them for viewing, and saves them to One Note. I mentioned the updates to OneNote for iPhone, but this new Lens integration is really making adding clear, crisp, beautiful photos to all my notes. This is especially coming in handy when I spot great workouts in the many fitness magazines I read. It is always great to switch things up, and with Lens, I can add it all in one place with the click of a button (or the swipe of a finger).


All in all, I’m entering the spring season on a positive (and even more organized!) note. What major events do you have coming up, and how do you use Microsoft Office’s technology to make your life better?

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