#IGNITENewYork and Running in Style with #PUMA

Ladies and gentleman of the fitness blogosphere, this krasey fit beauty is in prep. While it may come as somewhat of a surprise to everyone, contest season and a plethora of major events (hello, wedding!) have left me going the route of a super-strict nutrition and training plan. That means that my days are trying, and tough, and looong. When it comes to motivation and things that make my life easier during prep season – cute and efficient gym clothing (yes, you read that right) and superb sneakers are a MUST. New to my workout wardrobe and sneaker collection are some choice items from PUMA’s IGNITE collection.

Gym Closed Back Tank

Sleek, metallic, and not to mention – cute, the Gym Closed Back tank features a skintight fit that compresses in all the right places. Not only is this tank great for keeping my cool when my body heats up, but I just love the fitted, criss-crossing support panels in the back design.

Essential 3/4 Tights

You can’t ever go wrong with a basic pair of black spandex tights, but PUMA takes it one step further with both form and function. dryCell keeps me dry when the going gets sweaty, and Power Mesh keeps jiggle to a minimum, to hold everything in.

Women’s Ignite Running Shoe

I’ve already waxed poetic about my love for the new Ignites, but all good things bear repeating, right? Ignites are easily the lightest, most comfortable running shoes that ever I did wear. Thanks to super-responsive foam, running feels effortless, and jarring impact is kept to a minimum. High-rebound cushioning in the midsole of the Ignite shoe makes my running world go round.

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of PUMA.

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