Weather The Winter with Ahnu’s Northridge Waterproof Boots

We now interrupt our regularly scheduled beauty and fitness posts for a little PSA on the boots that have been saving my feet from suffering in what can finally be called a proper winter here in this grand old city of mine.

Mo the morkie hates snow as much as I do!
Mo the morkie hates snow as much as I do!

While attending a fitness event way back in October (time flies), I happened across a new-to-me brand called Ahnu. For those unfamiliar, as I was, Ahnu is the brainchild of founders Jenny Fredericks, Jacqueline Van Dine, and Jim Van Dine. What they set out to do back in 2007 was to create a line of performance shoes with organic aesthetics.Blending comfort, style, and the ultimate in outdoor functionality, Ahnu brings a whole lot to the footwear game.

When offered an opportunity to review a pair of Ahnu shoes, my weather and fitness-weary self immediately gravitated towards the Northridge Waterproof Boots. Given that last winter was absolutely brutal, I did not want to take any chances when it came to keeping my tired feet protected – come rain, sleet, or snowmageddon!

Ahnu Northridge

Having worn these boots for a little over a month now, I have fallen so deeply in love that I really don’t want to ever take them off. Not only are these boots incredibly warm and ridiculously comfortable, but they keep my feet drier than the Sahara, no matter what Mother Nature throws my way. Oh, and did I mention that I get so many compliments on these? Love when form and function meld to create one deliciously awesome boot baby.

If you are sick of having cold, wet feet, or just looking for a great line of shoes to check out, be sure to give Ahnu some of your attention. You can find Ahnu shoes online, here:

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