Krasey Fit News – I’m An Affitnity Ambassador!


My love affair with Affitnity is long-withstanding and forever deepening. It is for that reason that I am super excited to announce that I have now become an Affitnity Ambassador!


Beyond rocking the awesome outfits with a fierceness (that may be entirely in my own mind, but whatevs), I will be sharing tidbits, sneak peeks, and discount codes for your purchases.

Arnold Sports Festival 2014

To get this party started, the code “KBeauty” is good for 15% off any and all purchases made on the Affitnity Website. This code doesn’t expire, in case you were wondering.

Check out my previous review of Affitnity here:

And stay tuned for more cute workout outfit goodness, here and across my other social media outlets!

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