Balance and Luxury Embodied- A Review of the Time Master Sublimating Program Signature Treatment at SPA Valmont in New York City

When you bring together relaxation, balance, and sublime skincare in the most heavenly of settings, the result is SPA Valmont for Plaza Athénée’s Time Master Sublimating Program. A 60 or 90-minute mind-body experience designed to refresh and rejuvenate both face and body, this is a treatment that is worth both your time and attention.


Last week, I was invited to try Spa Valmont’s signature new treatment, offered exclusively at the Plaza Athénée hotel. Much to my unabashed delight. I received a full 60 minutes of the most soothing, decadent, and refreshing of protocols that left my skin firm and my face glowing. In their own words, the Time Master Sublimating Program that I partook in “erases the signs of fatigue, stress and aging from the outside-in”, and I must express that it did just that.

Beautifully appointed and almost hidden away sits Spa Valmont, on the second floor of the Plaza Athénée hotel. I entered that private oasis, after a particularly trying week at the office. A tranquil space, the Spa is both warm and inviting, with only the finest in equipment and furnishings.

I began the treatment with a soothing steam and shower, in perhaps what may have been the most luxurious bathroom I have ever encountered. What followed next was such a delicious blur (I was THAT relaxed) that rather than try to recall each and every step in the process, I will walk through the protocol, using the spa’s description.

Step 1 BODY: Esthetician blends Body Time Control Fresh Dew Cleanser and Scrub

Client goes under the shower to refresh with the blend (10 min)

Step 2 BODY: Body Wrap (optional) (15 min)

Step 3 BODY: Application D Solution Booster (Butterfly Method) (face down and face up, 8 min)

Step 4 BODY: Application C Curve Shaper (8 min)

Step 5 FACE: Cleanser (3 min) adapted to skin condition

Step 6 FACE: Toner (2 min) with Vital Falls

Step 7 FACE: Exfoliating with a Mask (7 min)

Step 8 FACE: Face Massage (8 min) with Prime AWF I, II or III depending on skin condition

Step 9 FACE: Application Time Master Intensive Program (1 min)

Step 10 FACE: Application Prime Renewing Pack (3min)

Step 11 FACE: Remove Prime Renewing Pack (5 min)

Step 12 FACE: Application of serum, eyes, lips, neck and face (5 min) adapted to skin condition

TOTAL: 90 minutes (60 minutes without the body wrap)

After going through this process with my very skilled aesthetician Miranda, my skin was left firm and tingling (with any traces of cellulite erased from view), and my face was left clear, radiant, and glowing. I felt refreshed, relaxed, and thoroughly fabulous. This is one treatment I didn’t want to end!

The Time Master Sublimating Program will be available exclusively at Spa Valmont at the Plaza Athénée, starting October 2014. For the ultimate in luxury, be sure to book your appointment as soon as possible.

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