How to Find Your Inner Balance and Stay Feeling Great


It isn’t often that I write these concept/pseudophilosophical-type posts (heck, do I ever?!), but allow me to go ahead and drop some of my personal life on you all right now -k? In case you didn’t know, things are getting out-of-hand in the already chaotic hustle and bustle that is my life. I must confess that I am not immune to stress, and when everything hit me at once I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed. This post is all about how I got my groove back- successfully finding my inner balance, which allowed me to look and feel my best- no matter what life happened to throw at me.

These days, my life is dominated by four W’s – Work, Working Out, Writing, and Wedding Planning. Couple that four-fecta with managing both this blog and Social Media accounts both for myself and other brands, and you’ve got a very frazzled Adina on your hands. Everything became a chore, and I just wasn’t enjoying the things I used to enjoy anymore. When I began dreading things like writing, working out, and even putting on my face in the mornings, I knew it was time to take a step back and re-assess my situation.

Everything in my life became a hassle when I started seeing my hobbies as chores. Changing my mindset is what ultimately allowed me to start enjoying the things I dreaded. For example:

Working out to me has always been fun – a chance to cut loose and test the limits of my own strength. When it became about a desire to simply lose weight and watch the numbers go down, that’s when it stopped being fun. Refocusing my efforts again on building muscle (and not on cardio) rekindled my fire, and left me fitter (and feeling better) than ever.

Something as simple as putting my face on in the morning went from being both a creative outlet and cathartic to becoming a source of stress when I found myself with less time in the mornings to do it. It wasn’t until I adopted the less is more philosophy and streamlined my approach (I can do my full face in as little as three minutes!), that I started to enjoy the process again.

Last but not least, the wedding planning. I was beginning to hone in on insignificant details and begin obsessing about the numbers. Letting go of all of that is what helped me enjoy the wedding planning process, again.
Changing your mindset can have a huge impact on everyday life, clearly. With refocus came clarity, productivity, and happiness.

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