#FitFluential Reviews- Turning Up the Heat with #ThermoHeat

The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Thermo Heat

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When it comes to supplementation, suffice it to say that not only have I tried everything, but I’ve developed quite the standard when it comes to the things that make it to a coveted spot in my supplement cabinet. One category of supplements that I am always eager to try is the thermogenic fat burner, for not only their ability to provide energy, but to also keep me sane when I am dieting down for a show or an event. Having seen Thermo Heat making the rounds in many of the magazines and forums that I frequent, my supplement-junkie self was especially eager to try the self-proclaimed maximum strength fat burner. Thanks to Fitfluential, I was able to do just that. Read on for my thoughts on Thermo Heat!

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Before we discuss whether or not the supplement works for me (it does, in case you were wondering), allow me to first go a bit into my workout habits. Being that I am working on building more muscle on my frame while still staying fairly lean and trim, my busy self sees itself in the gym on average 4-5 times a week, for around 2 hours each time. I train like a bodybuilder, working specific body parts on specific days by way of targeted weight lifting. I also do around 15-30 minutes of cardio each session, alternating between steady-state and HIIT. Oh, and in order to get the proper amount of time in the gym in, I get up at 4 in the morning on weekdays, to make it in by 5 and out by 7 to go to work.

Now, on to the supplement. Being that I wake up so incredibly early, I need quite the jolt of energy to eradicate the tired from my body when I need to do work. That energy comes to me by way of Thermo Heat’s 250 mg of caffeine- the equivalent of about 2.5 cups of strong coffee. It’s a clean energy that doesn’t leave me jittery, but instead gives me the can-do kind of energy that will last around 6-8 hours.

Another area in which Thermo Heat delivers is in the alertness, focus, and mood department. Noradrenaline and Dopamine activators are present to not only lessen the mood swings that come with being on a lower calorie/carb diet, but also counteract the fog that my brain sometimes finds itself in when I am on a diet.

All in all, Thermo Heat has become a rather useful tool that I utilize during my morning workouts. If you’d like to learn more about the brand new supplement, feel free to visit the site, here: http://www.advancedmolecularlabs.com/

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