Techy Toolkit- Spring Has Sprung and It’s Time to Shape-Up with Microsoft Office

My Xbox One Avatar- Doesn't She Look Like Me?
My Xbox One Avatar- Doesn’t She Look Like Me?

Ladies and gents of the blogosphere, allow me to take a moment to call attention to the fact that spring has finally sprung here in the Northeast. Break out the sunglasses and put away the parkas, for now we can finally put ourselves in that “spring fever” type of mindset. With the changing scenery and temperatures comes a certain type of urgency- one to shed that winter fluff, if you will. While the holidays and cold, dark days of winter lend themselves to decadent treats and days spent inside where it’s warm, spring is the time to consider that summer is actually right around the corner- and with it, bathing suit season. It’s time to shape up for spring, folks, and here are the ways that I am able to do so using the wonderful technology afforded to me by Microsoft.

Calculating Daily Nutritional Needs and Tracking Macros with Microsoft Excel

I’ve briefly touched upon this topic before, but it deserves another feature – when it comes to shaping up and trimming out the excess winter fluff-age, consistency and a precisely calculated diet are king. I am still following a macro based diet, but have now adjusted for targeted fat loss. To aid me in my quest for precision, I’ve created a formula-filled spreadsheet that will automatically adjust when my weight decreases. I also still employ the food-diary method to keep track of all my macros and meal plans, too!

Basal Metabolic Rate (sans exercise)
x – Weight y – Height (in) z – Age
108 62 29
28-Mar 1274.5
Total Daily Expenditure
x – Weight y – Height (cm) z – Age
108 157.48 29
28-Mar 1758.25
Ratios Cals/Gram Grams/Day Calories
Protein 1.5/g Body Weight 4 162 648
Fat .4/g Body Weight 9 43.2 388.8 1036.8
Carbs Remainder 4 114.3 457.2

SkyDrive is Now OneDrive, and It Still Rocks For Saving (and Accessing!) Workouts & More

I am constantly drawing inspiration from previous workouts, photos, and meal plans. Unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to carry a boatload of data on my teeny weeny smartphone. For that reason, I absolutely love OneDrive, which allows to me unload data from virtually anywhere, and access it whenever and wherever I need it on my smartphone or tablet. I especially love saving my selfies on there- because, why not? J

OneNote Makes my Smartphone My Personal (Portable!) Workout Diary

When it comes to keeping track of anything and everything (including and especially my customized workout plans), OneNote is the be-all and end-all of apps in both convenience and design. OneNote has just incorporated something called the Office Lens, which will take any photo snapped within the program and straighten it out, making it prettier and allowing you to search text in the photo. Here is just one example of one my many workouts. P.S I heart shoulder day.

photo 2

As per usual, Microsoft Office gives you the whole world at your fingertips, no matter where you are. Whether you are shaping up or slimming down, Office 365 has everything your super-fit heart desires.

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