Of the Spring Season and Beauty Routine Transitions with Olay

Mo the Morkie and I enjoying some spring-like weather, finally! Spring weather means we can finally take our workouts outside!

As if you aren’t tired of hearing it already, spring has finally sprung here in the oh-so-fabulous City of New York. While Mother Nature and the great Northeast haven’t always been on the best of terms (a la hail and snow in April), I think it’s safe to say that coming on May we can finally put away the puffers, boots with the fur, and most importantly – for the purposes of this post, anyway- the winter beauty staples. As we get our minds and bodies into that Spring-spirit, so too do we need to get our skin hopping on that transitional bandwagon, with a bodywash that will gently sooth, clean, and moisturize that soon-to-be-bared skin. Enter Olay Sensitive Body Wash.


I wouldn’t necessarily describe my skin as sensitive, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have special needs from time to time. The transition from winter to spring is always rough for me, as I try to bring my skin out from under the clutches of that dreaded winter dryness. Of note, t-shirts, skirts, and tank tops aren’t kind to dry, scale skin. That being said, since transitioning to Olay Sensitive, I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my skin’s moisture levels, appearance, and radiance. What I get with Olay Sensitive is gentle cleansing and intense (but not greasy) moisturizing action.  All in all, it’s a major win!

I’d say this photo looks Spring-like to me!

Other noteworthy Winter to Spring beauty transitions include putting away heavy colors, opaque textures, and matte feels. Gone are the deep berry lips and smoky eyes that winter tends to favor, and in their place lay pastels, glosses, and plenty of shimmer. All in all, Spring is a time to go lighter and shinier, both on your face and with your skincare routine. Armed with Olay’s Sensitive Skin body wash, the Winter to Spring skincare transition has never been easier!

“Now there’s a new body wash that gently cleanses sensitive skin and provides long-lasting moisture. Olay introduces Sensitive Body Wash, a soap-free, dye-free, and unscented formula that is as gentle to skin as water. Olay Sensitive Body Wash contains one jar of Olay moisturizers, and the creamy formula penetrates deeply to visibly relieve dry skin after five days.”


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