Fit, Fearless, and Fuzz Free with Gillette Venus

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As a pale-skinned, dark-haired, fitness-loving (and shorts and tank-in-the-gym-wearing) girl-on-the-go, suffice it to say that I know a thing or two about hair removal, k? Often are the times I am in need of a de-fuzzing quick fix, and even more often are the times I find myself reaching for my handy-dandy Gillette Venus razors.

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In celebration of the launch of both Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor (featuring 5-blades and a protective ribbon of moisture with a touch of aloe for glide) and the Venus Snap with Embrace (with a portable stylish compact featuring Venus’ Embrace blades on a mini-handle) – Gillette called upon a few of their favorite bloggers to meet their razor (and fitness) match.

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As you can see from these incredibly flattering (ha!) photos, your resident fitness-fanatic (that’s me) opted to go the more adventurous route via rock-climbing.

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Life is all about finding the perfect match, in everything. When it comes to choosing a workout, I will oftentimes lean towards the new and adventurous. However (how very college essay of me), when it comes to choosing my razors, I will always stick to what I know and love. With a special kind of portability that makes it easy to take my razor wherever I will go (from the top of a mountain to my local gym), and the same five-blade Embrace razor that I know and love, choosing this new addition to the Gillette line is, well, a Snap.

I’ve found my perfect match, now tell me yours! Look for these new additions to the Gillette Venus line at your local drugstore, today.

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