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When it comes to keeping it together and holding things down in the gym (if you catch my drift), suffice it to say that your chesty bestie (that’s me) knows a thing or two about support. Engaging in high-impact cardio activities like running and spin facilitate the need for some heavy-duty support, and given the fact that my bra size is less-than-conventional, I often have to go the specialty route with bra-size-specific models that essentially hold the girls down so that they do.not.budge. My options are limited at best, so imagine my delight at having a new sports bra enter into the picture when a great friend told me I simply had to try SheFit. Read on for my experience!

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SheFit features a compression-material, front-zip, fully customizable in band-and-strap style that allows for the wearer to control the level of height and compression that works for her. For me, tighter has always been better, and I achieve the desired level of height and hold rather easily. Once I got the hang of getting the girls in (it does take some practice!), I was able to wear this all day with my chest staying securely in place as I put the bra through its paces. No matter what I did, I was able to stay comfortably secure, and for that I give the bra an A+!

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And here is what it looks like on someone not so abnormally busty yet small.


Enamored as I am with the SheFit Sports bra, I spoke to Sara- creator and founder of this brand, to find out more. I asked her a few questions, whose answers you will see below. Read on now, won’t you?

1. Why create SheFit? Where did the name come from?

They say the best inventions are born out of necessity… The creation of Shefit came from exactly that – a need. A real need for a sports bra that actually worked! Something that wasn’t pre-measured, didn’t have a hook and eye, lacking in adjustability. The pre-measured typical straps always stretched out or were to lose, leaving me falling out underneath. The little adjustablity from hook and eye offered no flexibility over an inch or so. Not to mention that I felt like a contortionist trying to get in and out of those bras. I developed the Shefit sports bra concept more than 10 years ago while pregnant with my first daughter and struggling with breast pain when exercising. I was seeking support that no other product on the market could offer. I created Shefit as a solution to a problem most women deal with – No more allowing the size of our bust define fitness goals!
2. What factors went into the design of the bra? What influenced the front zipper, the velcro, etc.?

The Shefit Sports Bra is the first fully adjustable sports bra that gives women of all shapes and sizes the CUSTOM FIT and support they need, A through I cup.
a. Shefit is the first CUSTOM ADJUSTABLE sports bra that allows the wearers to decide their fit! Shefit’s exclusive patent pending Lock and Rock™ technology was smartly designed to give women the ability to adjust the Velcro straps for a custom fit, and lift ensuring the most comfort and support for any workout.
b. Shefit provides a 2″ wide bust band giving more than 8” of adjustability and support, ensuring your perfect fit every time with no worries of “falling out” the bottom ever again!
c. Shefit’s unique elastic blend ensures NO stretching of the bust band or shoulder straps, so wearers get the same fit every time by zipping in and out.
1″ wide shoulder straps will NEVER stretch or fall and have more than 15” of adjustability to provide maximum support and comfort, allowing you to determine the amount of vertical lift you desire.

3. Please explain how to find the right size for the SheFit newbie.

Shefit does not go off of a standard cup size. We also don’t think that any woman wants to be referred to as a large so we do not offer large sizes, only fabulous luxe sizes. We accommodate an A-I cup right now and are adding-on 2 more cup sizes in the next 3 months. Because this is a new type of bra, we want to help you choose your size. While this is a compression bra, if you’re in between sizes, the size depends on the type of fit you prefer.
After you have looked at the size chart, if you’re in between sizes, here’s how you can determine which size to order…
– If you prefer higher impact exercises and an overall tighter fit, choose a size down.
– If you prefer a looser/not so constrictive fit or prefer more coverage, choose one size up.

To calculate your bra size you will need a soft measuring tape to measure two critical areas. For best results we recommend that you measure while wearing your best fitting bra. Measure directly underneath your bust along the ribcage and keep the tape level all around your torso. Pull the ends of the measuring tape together to lie flat and snug without pulling too tightly. This is your Ribcage Measurement. Next measure around the fullest part of your bust as this is your Bust Measurement.

This will calculate the recommended size for your Shefit™ Sports Bra.

4. What’s next for SheFit?
We have 2 very large national shows featuring our bra in the next few months along with many national magazine features, we hope to get this bra into the hands of woman and girls everywhere, it truly is life changing!

After years of developing the patent pending Shefit Sports Bra, the line evolved to include high quality, top performance, stylish and comfortable sportswear for women of all shapes and sizes 0-22, A – I cup. Shefit wants to empower each woman’s strong beauty no matter the size, age or athletic level. Shefit: strong beautiful and fit for you! Shefit currently offers a full line of athletic wear made of moisture wicking super plush athletic performance Supplex® fabric.

And there you have it, folks! Get you some SheFit, and unbeatable support by checking out the SheFit website, today.

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