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Often are the times I find myself chugging preworkout for energy, and protein shakes for pre and post-workout muscle fuel. Leave it to JAVAPRO to combine the two products, in one handy-dandy (and great tasting!) protein powder. As part of a FITFLUENTIAL campaign, yours truly had the opportunity to sample the Mocha Flavor of JAVAPRO.

The concept is fairly simple- one part whey protein complex (20 g of protein, to be exact), and one part energy drink serving up 80 mg of eye-opening (but not overwhelming) caffeine, JAVAPRO is designed to be a nutritious pick-me-up for everyone to enjoy. At only 110 calories for 1.5 scoops, with only 1.5 grams of fat, 2 g carbs, and a puny 1g of sugar, JAVAPRO packs it all into a neat little package. In fact, you really can’t beat the nutritional profile and macro content, truly.

As I had mentioned before, I got to sample the mocha flavor. As someone who loves the taste of coffee, but can’t always afford the calories of the way I like it (light and sweet, naturally), I happen to really enjoy the chocolately coffee hybrid flavor. It mixes smoothly, and tastes especially awesome when blended with almond milk and some ice. Throw in a banana, and it’s a flavor party up in there, for sure!

JAVAPRO protein gets a huge thumbs-up from this fit foodie. Look for it today, at your local supplement shop. Also, for  more information, please visit their Facebook Page!

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