New Year, New You With Help from Microsoft Office

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Ladies and gents of the fitness blogosphere, I’d like to take a moment to cordially welcome you all to 2014, a year bursting to full with potential to re-make and re-shape both your mind, and your body. For those of you who are just tuning in, fitness and transformations are kind of my thing. Oh, and technology- that’s also my thing, too. In this post, I will discuss all the ways in which you can use technology to your advantage, all in the spirit of transformations. More specifically, allow me to shed some light on how you can use all things Microsoft (from Office 365, to Skydrive) to achieve your health, wellness, and fitness goals

Goal – Add Variety To Your Workouts

They say that variety is the spice of life, and of course they would be correct. Not only can the same workouts get boring after a while, but they also become less effective. That being said, I am constantly looking online for new ways to workout. With Microsoft OneNote, I am able to import pictures and detailed instructions on how to rock new workout plans, on the regular.

Goal –Stay on Top of Your Diet and Macronutrients

When it comes to achieving a successful, healthy eating plan, I’ve personally come to find that precision and tracking every single little thing is of the utmost importance. When it comes to the clean-eating game, guesswork is out of the question if you want to achieve any modicum of success. That being said, I have been leaning heavily on Excel- more specifically a custom crafted spreadsheet (as seen below) – to track all of my macronutrients. Goals in mind (currently that is to begin a slow leaning-out for competition season)

Sample Food Diary Excel

Goal – Set Goals, Surpass Them, and Aim Higher

I am big on creating detailed plans and checklists. With my workouts, I pick several universal power exercises, and record in Outlook the number of reps, sets, and the amount of weight I am able to lift. By seeing my progress in the numbers, I am able to both keep myself accountable, and to set and exceed my own goals and expectations!

Goal – Stay Motivated

Beginning a new routine can be exhilarating, but once the initial thrill has worn off, staying motivated can present its own set of challenges. With Office 365, I am able to share both my diet and workout plans, giving access to friends who have similar goals. With all documents always being up to date, we can provide each other with live feedback, to maintain both motivation and accountability.

Time and time again, technology proves our friend when looking to set goals and stick to them. Practice those New Year’s Resolutions with ease, thanks to all of the fantastic techie tools offered up by Microsoft.

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