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Time to Put the Christmas Sweaters Away

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Jump into 2014 with jubilation! It’s a brand new year and a brand new chance to live life to the max. Whatever the weather can and will do to try and bring us down, we owe it to ourselves to embrace the opportunity to make fresh plans, push ourselves that bit further and try something different.

It is all too easy to succumb to seasonal affective disorder and seek solace in the cookie tin. Let’s not do that next year. Let’s join the millions of other inspirational people who have proven that a little bit of will power goes a long way when it comes to achieving.

To start the big jump, let’s ditch the old sweaters. Sweaters are one of those things that stick around year after year after year, for no apparent reason. We dig them out, give them a wash and a spruce up and on they go again. Seriously, aren’t they all past their best? Look back at old photos and there you are wearing it ten or even fifteen years ago!

Yes, there is a lot to be said for sustainability, but there is also a lot to be said for allowing yourself the permission to say, enough’s enough. Go on. Take a look at all the lovely new sweaters that are out there. Adding just two or three of them to your wardrobe is going to make you feel like a new person. It’s not for nothing that TV makeover shows go through a woman’s closet and ruthlessly ditch all the ancient clobber before they do anything else. We all need to learn to self process in this way and to do ourselves a big favor. The expression “same old, same old” means dreary repetition and there is nothing more dreary than pulling on the same old sweater every time you decide to take the dog for a walk, or go out for a winter walk.

Jump start the new you with sweaters that are jolly, as well as jolly useful. The time is past for the Christmas editions with their semi-ridiculous rudolphs. They can get put away. But that is no reason to resort to the dull and the dun colored. A sunshine yellow, for example, will brighten the dreariest day when it seems to get dark just after lunchtime, and will bring a welcome reminder of the spring and the daffodils that will return eventually. Colors do affect our mood tremendously, more than we realize, and wearing bright and happy shades can have a subtle and significant impact, not only on us, but on those around us too.

For those snuggly, stay at home box set and sofa days, nothing will ever beat a big snuggly sweater that you can pair with some leggings and feel all comfy and warm, with no annoying zips, buckles or buttons poking in all the wrong places. As most of us won’t get through the winter without at least one small cold or sniffle, this is a treat we are going to need at some point.

A sweater that looks great with jeans for meeting friends at the pub, is going to look just as good with smart trousers for a more formal occasion, if you choose carefully and think about the mix and match possibilities before you buy. Paying some consideration to the existing staples you have is always a wise thing to do when re-stocking and re-imagining your overall look. You don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater – you just want to refresh and liven things up a bit, and to feel invigorated and re-inspired in the process. That’s where some new sweaters can really put the jump back in your step.

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