Krasey Holiday Gift Guide – Fitness Gifts Part 2 – Fitness Fashion

Ladies and gents, try to contain your excitement, for it is time for part 2 of my fitness holiday gift guide, all about fit fashions!


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Whether you are a yoga-head, or simply a girl that likes to stir things up in her gym apparel repertoire, Onzie is a clothing line that pairs innovative patterns with functional pieces built for both performance and comfort. Brought to life over 20 years ago by a Bikram yogi, Onzie is a brand that no fit-fashionista should be without.

Sparkly Soul

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If there has been one company that I am long overdue to mention, it’s Sparkly Soul. A little fun fact about me is that my hair never ever does what I want it to, ever. From frizz, to flyaways, ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat. Fortunately, Sparkly Soul offers up a plethora of fun, sparkling headbands that stay in place, no matter how hard or heavy I go in the gym. The bands are lined with velvet on the inside, to give them grip, and come in a plethora of bright, fun, and you guessed it- sparkly colors.

Flex Till You’re Famous

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I believe in companies that not just produce amazing apparel, but also provide us with a story behind said apparel. Flex Till You’re Famous is a brand that literally began in the kitchen, where husband and wife pair Chris and Codee started producing tee shirts with motivational sayings. What began as a dream has now morphed into a full-fledged brand, releasing new products every month or so, which in turn sell out in minutes. Whether I’m rocking my Raise The Bar Hoodie or my Drop It Like a Squat tank, Flex is a brand that I feel great about rocking on the regular.

Flag Nor Fail Apparel

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Speaking of husband-and-wife dynamic duos, Robert and Dana-Linn Bailey have their own big thing going with their apparel company called Flag Nor Fail. From shorts, to hoodies, tanks to tees, they produce virtually everything the hardcore gymrat would need. Their line is in a word, edgy, with items that scream motivation. Work, Hustle, and Love the Process are just some of the sayings you can find on their apparel line, which sees new releases every 6 weeks or so, and sells out in mere minutes. Oh, and did I mention that Dana Linn is the first ever Ms Women’s Physique Olynpia, and is as bad@ss as they come? Just sayin’.



I’ve made mention of Zaggora on this blog too many times to count, and with good reason. With a line of fun, functional workout wear that actually helps me burn more calories and work harder, it’s no wonder this line is a staple in my cardio wardrobe. New to the line are Atomica and Viva Hotpants, and the ultra-comfy Slouchy sweatshirt.


All Puma Everything – Especially Sneakers

From accessories to apparel, sneakers to shoes, PUMA is a brand that I literally cannot get enough of. Let’s zoom in on some innovative and notable footwear. Pretty much the only sneakers I wear in the gym, ever, my PUMAS always look and feel great. New and notable in the line are some new additions to the FAAS collection, the FAAS 300 v, FAAS 500 V, and FAAS 1000. Designed with the female foot in mind, and offered up in several color options, comfort and style never worked so well together. All lightweight, and each style unique in its own way, these sneakers will offer up as much cushioning as you need, all while working for you in the most amazing way possible.

Workout in style in the years to come. Also, be sure to stay tuned for more fitness-gifting action, coming your way soon.

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